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Hey, I'm Lana Otoya

I’m the founder of this website and work as a professional matchmaker, dating coach and non-fiction author.

I have a passion for helping people find love both with themselves and with others.  

Millennialships stands for Millennial + Relationships and I came up with the idea because many people in my generation struggle to have genuine connections with people, not cell phones.  

The concept is simple: 

Better yourself + Better relationships = Happy Life. 

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Milennial + Relationships = Millennialships

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  • Better Life

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Love yourself and love others with my videos on SELF CARE and DATING ADVICE

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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You - Explained By Science! 

A Trick To Relieve Anxiety 

Find Love By Taking Down Your Protective Wall


Millennialships Lana Otoya
Millennialships Lana Otoya

Coaching Services

Millennialships Lana Otoya

Dating and Relationship Coaching

Get the inside scoop on dating from a professional matchmaker. I've spent countless hours hearing what men want in a woman and I'm ready to spill the beans.  

Self Care Coaching

The first step in finding love is finding love within yourself. I have a passion for mental health and have learned self care methods in order to help with my anxiety. Self care coaching is offered at a discounted rate. 

Not all of us were born good at dating. Let me hold your hand, so someone can hold your hand. 


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