Many Successful Women Can’t Attract High-Quality Men…

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    Hi, I’m Lana

    A dating coach helping successful women meet successful men.


    I was working as a matchmaker for 2 years when I found out…

    Successful women struggle to meet successful men.

    After hearing dozens of men describe their “dream woman” to me, I realized:

    Successful women were approaching dating all wrong.

    Since then I’ve been on a mission to help bridge the gap between successful men and women.

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    What is A Millennialship?

    When I was single, I wasn’t desperate and lonely.   I was a professional in my field. An educated woman with a lively social life.

    If you’re in the same boat, you’re not looking for a “relationship”.  You’re looking for an addition to your life. 

    A person that lifts you up, emotionally supports you and acts like a gentleman. 

    If you can’t find something that good, you won’t settle. You’re a millennial and want a millennial relationship.

    Or as I like to call it, a MILLENNIALSHIP.