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Dating Coach For Strong Independent Women


Attract A High Quality Man Without Settling 


Vancouver Dating Coach For Women

Attract A High Quality Man Without Settling

Vancouver Dating Coach For Women



It's Ok, You Don't Need A Man

You just (kind of) want one...

Gone are the days when women got married just so they could get a credit card.

You're a modern woman and you live a modern life. 

You've built a career. You have passions, hobbies and good friends. 

You don't want a warm body beside you, you want a man who is worth your time. 

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What's Stopping You From Finding A High Quality Man?

  • The dating apps have a sea of men that are not attractive, don't have good jobs or are just plain weird and creepy. 
  • You're tired of swiping. It's emotionally draining and time consuming.
  •  Men that you're interested in disappear or show no enthusiasm. They don't ask you out on dates or they stop texting completely without explanation.
  • You spent less than 15 minutes on your dating profiles and choosing your photos
  • You've decided just to give up and leave things up to chance. You don't need a man anyway...

Hi, My Name Is Lana

Lana Otoya Vancouver Dating Coach

I started dating coaching professionally after working as an online matchmaker for mostly male clients

Working with hundreds of single men was fun and eye opening, but most of all... 

They taught me everything I know about high quality men

There's An Easier Way To Find High Quality

I know you won't settle.

You want someone that is worth your time and not like the losers you've dated in the past. 

You want someone that adds to your life. You don't want to support anyone or be someone's mom. 

Well, now is time for the cold hard truth. 

When you're looking for a diamond in the rough, it helps to get better at looking. 

Take Control of Your Dating Life 

My help will get you:

  • Written profiles that are catered to attract the men you are looking for while still showcasing your fun personality.
  • The best looking photos for your profiles, chosen and edited by professionals. 
  •  Inside knowledge on how the dating apps work. Learn how to make the algorithm send you better matches. 
  • The ins and outs of human connection. The real way that women can attract men and how to become an irresistable part of his life. 
  • A method to calm the overthinking and racing part of your brain. I have done research and written books on anxiety and overthinking. I can help you overcome the negative thinking and anxiety that comes with dating. 

You Don't Want A Warm Body...

You want a partner.  

When I was single, I wasn't desperate and lonely.  

I was a professional in my field, an educated woman with a lively social life.

If you're in the same boat, you're not looking for a "relationship". 

You're looking for an addition to your life. 

A person that lifts you up, emotionally supports you and acts like a gentleman. 

If you can't find something that good, you won't settle. 

You're a millennial and want a millennial relationship.

Or as I like to call it, a MILLENNIALSHIP.

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Vancouver Dating Coach For Women

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Milennialships Lana Otoya
Milennialships Lana Otoya
Milennialships Lana Otoya

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