Hey, strong and successful lady! Can’t find a man who is worth your time?

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    Why Haven’t You Found A High-Quality Man Yet?

    Is it because…

    -Online dating is emotionally draining, time-consuming and you rather be doing anything else.

    -Dating apps are filled with men who are not attractive, don’t have good jobs or are boring,

    -You’re tired of swiping and it’s taking a toll on your mental health.

     -Men that you’re interested in disappear or show no enthusiasm.

    -You’ve nearly decided to give up and leave things up to chance. Being single isn’t so bad…

    Hi, My name is Lana

    I help confident and successful women meet confident and successful men

    Lana Otoya – Dating Coach For Women

    I started as a professional dating coach for women after working as an online matchmaker for mostly male clients.

    I worked with hundreds of wealthy and successful single men and you know what?

    They all told me exactly what they want in a dream woman – and what they said may surprise you.

    My website is dedicated to helping you find these high-quality men. Feel free to browse around or fast-track your results by downloading my Free checklist: How To Attract Higher-Quality Men below.

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    Lana Otoya Dating Coach
      Author Of:

      “You Don’t Need A Man”

      Why Women Don’t Need To Settle And How To Find A High-Quality Man

      I Know You Won’t Settle

      You want someone that is worth your time and not like the losers you’ve dated in the past. 

      A gentleman who takes the lead, who adds to your life. You don’t want to support him or be his mom. 

      Well, now it’s time for the Cold. Hard. Truth

      When you’re looking for a diamond in the rough, it helps to get better at looking. 

      With My Dating Coaching You Will Get:

      Professionally written profiles and edited photos.

      Inside knowledge on dating apps. Know how to make the algorithm send you better matches. 

      The truth about human connection. How you can attract men to become an irresistible part of his life. 

      One on One coaching to help you attract a higher quality partner.

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      What is A Millennialship?

      When I was single, I wasn’t desperate and lonely.   I was a professional in my field, an educated woman with a lively social life.

      If you’re in the same boat, you’re not looking for a “relationship”.  You’re looking for an addition to your life. 

      A person that lifts you up, emotionally supports you and acts like a gentleman. 

      If you can’t find something that good, you won’t settle. You’re a millennial and want a millennial relationship.

      Or as I like to call it, a MILLENNIALSHIP.

      Free Checklist:

      “How To Attract Higher-Quality Men”

      Free Checklist:
      How To Attract Higher Quality Men

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