Helping High-Value Women Attract High-Value Men

Helping High-Value Women Attract High-Value Men

The secret to finding a great man has been inside you for millions of years..

But you’ve buried it.

For your whole life you’ve focused on other goals. 

You got a good education, worked your way up the ladder of success and finally landed a high-paying and prestigious career. 

You put so much time and effort into crafting the “perfect” life.

You have a good job, a lively social life, fun hobbies and now, you’re finally ready for the next step. 

You’d like to have companionship. A quality man who is your equal partner. 

He’s just as driven and successful as you. He puts the same effort into building his life as you have.  

You think your goal is to set out to find this man, but that’s where you’re wrong.

This man is not really what’s missing from your life. 

What is truly missing from your life is a powerful natural energy that you have lost touch with. 

Your feminine energy. 

For years you pushed aside your feminine side. 

You worked hard, you were driven, you got a job where you’re surrounded by men. You’re always trying to be the best and prove to everyone and yourself that you’re successful. 

That’s masculine energy. 

You can see the value in masculine energy because it is responsible for all of your success.

But what about your feminine energy? 

Why did you push it away for so long? Maybe, like most modern women, you just can’t really pinpoint what’s good about feminine energy. 

Is that the side of you that makes you a doormat? The side of you that just takes care of the kids or tries to be sexy?

If you’re like most modern women, you likely don’t even know what feminine energy is, or what it can do for you. 

Your femininity is an un-tapped strength and power. When you learn what it is and how to use it, you will be emotionally and mentally transformed – and the icing on the cake?

It’s like a magnet for attracting quality men.

We call it high-value femininity. 

Millennialships Dating was founded to help high-value women hone in on their feminine energy so they can attract the quality man they can never seem to find.

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    Lana Otoya

    Founder, Lead Coach

    Lana is a renowned dating expert and femininity coach.


    She has unparalleled experience in the dating industry. 


    She has worked as a dating writer, dating coach, matchmaker and under the guidance of some of the most successful dating coaches in the world.


    Her work has been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Medium, Thrive Global, Yahoo News and she’s an official Dating Expert with Your Tango.


    Lana’s personalized coaching and book sales have helped thousands of women and her well-known blog has grown to over 100 thousand readers per month.


    Learn more about attracting quality men with feminine energy here.

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    Frequently asked questions

    High-Value Femininity or HVF is what we call it when a woman knows how to use her feminine strength as a way to attract higher-quality men, masculine men. 

    Polarity is the term to describe it when opposites ends of a spectrum are attracted to each other.

    Much like a magnet, romantic relationships also have polarity with masculine and feminine energy. The more you can be on one side of the pole, the more you will attract the other side.

    This is why all relationships, including same sex relationships have a partner who is clearly more “feminine” and another that is more “masculine” regardless of gender.

    If you want to attract a masculine man who wants to take the lead and provide for you, you’ll need to work on your feminine energy – which is inside all women – and all humans!


    Yes! Learn more about dating profile writing and photo selection/editing on our dating tools page. 

    Yes! But only for a select group of clients every month.  Visit this page to apply for coaching. 

    Millennialships Dating helps high-value women fine-tune their feminine energy so that they can meet higher-quality men. 

    We help high-quality women meet men on their level.

    Yes! With the exponential growth our business has experienced in the past year, we are looking to hire the following positions:

    • Dating and Femininity Coach
    • Administrative Assistant/VA
    • Accountant/Bookkeeper

    If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact us through the CONTACT page and we’ll send over more info. 

    Struggling to find high-quality men? Get your free guide.