Emotions of Dating

gaslighting in relationships

Gaslighting In Relationships

Gaslighting is very common in the 21st century. It can occur in all manner of relationships, including those with friends, colleagues, or family members. However, it’s especially challenging to deal with gaslighting in romantic relationships. What is Gaslighting in Relationships? Gaslighting is a term that comes from a 1938 play called “Gas Light.” In this …

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Will I ever find love

Will I Ever Find Love?

Finding love is considered a rare and fragile thing in the digital age. Thanks to the rise of dating apps, connections often remain surface-level because you can have so many on the go at once. Right? Love Is Mysterious That said, falling in love can be super straightforward and happen quickly with the right person. …

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Monkey branching relationship

Monkey Branching Relationship

In life, it’s good to have a backup plan, however, this rule doesn’t apply to romantic relationships. Monkey Branching is a destructive dating tactic that is bound to get somebody seriously hurt. Here’s everything you need to know about a monkey branching relationship. What is a Monkey Branching Relationship? “Monkey branching” is a relatively new …

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How to respond to ghosting

How to Respond to Ghosting

“Ghosting” isn’t a new trend in the world of dating. In fact, it’s something that has been around since the beginning of time. What Is Ghosting? Well, the Google definition is “the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.” In other words, you meet a …

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