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15 Signs He Wants A Relationship And Not Fling

My best friend in University made a huge mistake. She started seeing a guy who was “amazing” and “could be the one.” They were having sex and seeing each other often. Before she knew it, she was in love. After months of dating, he finally broke the news. He was not interested in a serious relationship. The catch to this story is that I knew he wasn’t serious after they were dating for about a month. Even though I tried...

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Signs Of Jealousy In A Man – Cute Or Unhealthy?

Post Written By Lana Otoya, Dating Coach If you’re noticing some signs of jealousy in a man you’re seeing, you might be wondering if this is a dealbreaker. While a little jealousy may be cute, a real jealous man can turn into an abusive and controlling partner. Find out the signs of jealousy in a man and whether or not it is acceptable. Signs of Jealousy To Look Out For In Your New Man First, let’s start by highlighting signs...

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A Stage 5 Clinger – Is Clinginess A Dealbreaker?

You really like him but, he’s kind of smothering you. His clinginess is a turnoff but is it a dealbreaker? Here’s how to deal with a stage 5 clinger. What To Do With A Stage 5 Clinger Downright Creepy As a dating coach for women, I hear a lot of weird things that men do on dates and in relationships, but there’s a line between weird and creepy. There are certain things that are just downright not ok and if...

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Why Men Come Back Months Later

So you were dating a guy, he disappeared, and now months later, he’s texting you. Find out why men come back months later, and what you can do about it, step by step. Why Did He Come Back Months Later? He Made A Huge Mistake and Realized You’re The Love Of His Life Is this why you’re here? Were you hoping I would say this? Well, if you are still in love with him and are happy that he’s giving...

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I’m Not Attracted To My Boyfriend – Now What?

He’s great on paper. He’s got a good job, he treats you well, but he just doesn’t get your butterflies to flutter. He doesn’t give you a tingling sensation of intense attraction, so what do you do? I’m not physically attracted to my boyfriend – Now What? When analyzing a relationship, there are many key factors that should be looked at before deciding what to do. As a dating coach for women, I usually try to come up with one...

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What Makes A Good Husband? 10 Traits of A High-Quality Man

The qualities that make a good passionate lover aren’t always going to make a good husband. Find out what it takes to go the distance. You have no trouble finding men, they’re everywhere! They’re hitting on you at the bar, at the gym or messaging you on Bumble. The problem is that you want to find a good man, someone who is going to make a good husband one day. But, what exactly makes a good husband? The answer has...

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Attachment Styles In Adults – This Is Why You’re Single

Do you know your attachment style? Knowing this can help your dating life and find you a better partner. Your attachment style is the way you behave in a romantic or other close relationship. Attachment styles are developed while we are children but our experiences as adults also have a huge impact. A boyfriend that treats you in a certain way or a romantic relationship that is very life-changing can impact your attachment style as an adult. Knowing this just...

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How To Deal With An Emotionally Unavailable Man

Seeing an emotionally unavailable man is like dating one of those sex dolls. Sure they give you pleasure when you need it and they might even feel good to cuddle with in bed. But as soon as you try to have a serious conversation, they just stare at you with their dead eyes and mouth wide open. Has this happened to you before? Here are my favourite ways on how to deal with an emotionally unavailable man. HOW TO DEAL...