Signs of Toxic Men

One day you wake up and you realize, this relationship isn’t as great as it once was. In fact, it might have become toxic. How can you spot a toxic man before you start a relationship? How can you tell if your current relationship is unhealthy? And best of all, how can you get out of a toxic relationship?

This category is all about how to spot a toxic man. See the warning signs he doesn’t care about you, gaslighting, signs of emotional abuse and more.

a young woman holding her hands to her face and crying because she is in a toxic relationship

gaslighting in relationships

Gaslighting In Relationships

Gaslighting is very common in the 21st century. It can occur in all manner of relationships, including those with friends, colleagues, or family members. However, it’s especially challenging to deal with gaslighting in romantic relationships. What is Gaslighting in Relationships? Gaslighting is a term that comes from a 1938 play called “Gas Light.” In this …

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