Coronavirus Dating: How To Date During The Coronavirus

Coronavirus Dating
Lana Otoya

If you’ve seen Netflix’ “Love is Blind”, then you know that you can fall in love with someone without meeting them first. The question is – how do you do this? Here are the best parts about dating during the coronavirus and how to take advantage of these crazy times.

Coronavirus dating

#10. Focus On Your Mental Health

If you’re like most of the single woman I know, you have a bumpin’ social life and a good career.

Your life is busy and filled with going out for dinner with friends and hunkering down at the office.

Your life doesn’t really look the same now that we’re all trapped in our houses does it? You used to be busy and active, and now the gyms are closed and you’re not allowed to see your friends.

Before you start thinking about the fact that you’re single and want to find someone, focus on your mental health first. Remember that you being happy (like you usually are) is crucial first step towards finding a healthy lifelong partner.

#9. Switch To Phone Calls And Skype Dates

This is the first step to dating during the coronavirus. Now that we’re in a physical distancing world, you can’t just go for coffee or meet at a restaurant.

So phone calls, FaceTime or Skype dates are the only options left.

Before you eye-roll yourself out of a potential long-term partner, keep an open mind! There are actually a lot of perks to transitioning your dating life to the online world as you’ll see in the following steps.

#8. Be Funny And Witty

Now more than ever is your personality going to have to shine through. When you date someone in person, you can be distracted by the meal you’re eating or the movie you’re watching, but when you’re sitting there face to face, it’s all on you.

This is a good time to remind you that the best way way to flirt and build sexual chemistry with someone is to share a sense of humor.

The easiest way to introduce humor into your conversation is to smile and laugh. This shows the other person that you are accepting them, you’re not judging them and the two of you are free to open up.

If you need help with small talk tips, check out this article: How To Small Talk Like A Pro

#7. Everyone Has More Free Time

The biggest complaint that I hear from coaching clients is that they are too busy to date. Most career-minded professionals don’t have time to be texting or swiping on dating apps.

Because of the virus, these high-quality professionals (including yourself) are now stuck at home and looking for something to do.

Take advantage of the free-time and start connecting with more people. Dating online is a numbers game and the more you’re able to get on there and message, the more likely you are to find someone that you truly connect with.

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#6. The Situation Is A Great Icebreaker

Have you ever had a first date in your living room? Most people haven’t either.

This means when you sit down for your first Skype Dates, the situation is going to be weird and different – a perfect icebreaker into the conversation. This change in the old “going for a drink” will make the two of you feel like you’re in this together, a great starting point to build a connection.

The virus situation is also making everyone feel a little kinder towards others, and reminding us how important human connection really is. We are all facing the same global tragedy so you might find that the average Bumble date you meet these days is a lot nicer and less judgemental. This virus is reminding us that we’re all just human.

#5. Only Serious Daters Are Left

One of the biggest issues with dating online is you can never tell if someone is really serious or if they’re just in it for a hookup. Now that “hooking up” is out of the question, the only people left on dating apps are the ones that are looking for a deeper connection.

What a great time to be out there looking!

This means that any man you talk to can’t expect a quick date and a one night stand.

So take advantage of the fact that you’ll be swiping on a sea of men looking for the real deal.

#4. Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

If you really start getting along with someone over Skype, the connection you have with them is going to be built on a real emotional connection – not based on physical chemistry.

This is a great way to start a relationship because at the end of the day, a deep emotional connection is what makes a couple last forever.

The physical side of things will also feel stronger and more passionate if it has been delayed. Imagine sharing your first time after a couple of months of an emotional build-up? It’s going to be amazing!

#3. Keep Skype Dates Short

When starting a relationship online, it can easily grow stale. Couples who are able to hangout in the real world don’t have to be constantly talking one on one. They can go for a walk through the farmer’s market, go see a comedy show, have dinner or Netflix and chill.

When talking to someone online, it’s not always possible to have these distractions so you must keep the conversation going back and forth.

This can be totally exhausting and feel like a chore.

A key to keeping the spark alive is to “leave them wanting more” after every conversation. My suggestion is to keep the fist skype call at 1 hour max and then every other call should be between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

This way you are never letting the conversation reach a lull. You’re never getting to the point where the two of you just start going “sooo….”

This will make it so that the two of you are excited for every phone call, you always have plenty to talk about and you’re never taking too much time out of your day for the other person.

#2. It’s Less Time Consuming

Dating the non-coronavirus way is pretty time-consuming. You have to get all dressed up and head over to a place for drinks or dinner. Once you’re there, you pretty much know in the first 10 minutes whether this guy is a good fit and if you don’t think he is, you’re still stuck there for another hour at least.

A FaceTime date is way less demanding of your time. You don’t need to travel anywhere or wait for a table, and you can cut the conversation within 15 minutes if it’s not working out.

You could even schedule multiple dates in one evening. Like I said earlier, dating is a numbers game and this is going to help you play the numbers really well.

#1. Make FaceTime Dates Fun

FaceTime dates don’t have to be boring! There are some fun and creative ways to make the date more engaging and give the two of you something to laugh about.

Things like:

  • Getting dressed up as if you were going to a fancy dinner
  • Having a drink while on the call
  • Having the man send a delivery meal or a bottle of wine to the woman’s house
  • Both make the same recipe at home and compare results

These ideas are a fun way to take the pressure off and remind yourself that meeting someone new doesn’t have to be so serious. In fact, it’s supposed to be fun 🙂

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