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Dating Coach For Women – Is Dating Coaching For You?

Congratulations on considering a dating coach for women! Dating coaching can take you from feeling frustrated and emotionally drained with the dating process, to enjoying it and seeing success. That being said, dating coaching is not for everyone.

Let’s see if it’s the right fit for you and your needs.

Vancouver Dating Coach For Women

My name is Lana Otoya, and I am a Vancouver Dating Coach For Women. My office is based in Vancouver BC, but I remotely coach clients all over the world.

The clients that are right for my style of dating coaching fit the following categories:

  • You are a successful woman who is having trouble finding a successful man
  • You either need help with online dating itself or have questions about a current relationship that has started recently
  • General help with confidence or self-esteem
  • Help with attracting men
  • Help with online dating profiles and photos

My dating coaching is not the best fit for:

  • Couples who are already in a committed relationship.
  • Anyone looking for mental health-related counseling – I am not a licensed mental health professional
  • Anyone looking for a quick fix. Finding a real connection takes time and commitment.

Do I need A Dating Coach?

If you feel you are a perfect candidate for dating coaching, let’s have a look at if you really need one.

We can do this by looking at what a dating coach for women actually does.

1. Perfectly Optimized Dating Profiles

It can be difficult to write a dating profile. Oftentimes I see clients who are humble, so they’re not putting their most attractive qualities on their profiles. Other times I will see the opposite, where a client has made their profile sound too arrogant.

As someone who has worked in the professional dating industry for years, I can help you craft a profile that will attract higher-quality men. This will save you time and energy from going on low-quality dates.

2. Time Saving

Dating without professional guidance takes longer. You spend time chatting with men who are not serious or filtering through profiles that have glaring red flags. Dating coaching can help you streamline your approach to dating so that everything is more efficient and results happen faster.

3. One on One Guidance

Once you start seeing someone, there are a lot of questions that might come into your head. What do you do if he hasn’t sent you a follow-up text after a great date? What about if he said he’s not ready to make it official but we’ll “see how things go?”. When is the best time to be intimate? All these questions have a very specific answer and a dating coach can tell you what to do without any second-guessing.

4. Release Of Energy

The best part about having a coach by your side is that you can get things off your chest.

The biggest way I see women ruin their chance with a great guy is self-sabotage.

If you let your insecurity, anxiousness, racing thoughts or Type A personality get the best of you, it can destroy your chance with a man who could have been “the one. “

A dating coach will help ensure this doesn’t happen and can make the entire dating process much more enjoyable. And dare I say it? Even fun!

5. Inside Look At What Is Attractive To Men

My work in the dating industry started as a dating writer and then I moved on to matchmaking for mostly wealthy male clients. In this role, I heard it straight from single, high-quality men what they were looking for in a woman. I know what men find attractive, what they want in a partner and now I can teach you what that is.

The great news is men are quite simple in this regard. Once you know what they are looking for, it’s easy to act that way, no matter your personality type or interests.

Who Is The Best Dating Coach?

The best dating coach for you is the one that you get along with the best.

All dating coaches or dating experts will have the qualifications needed, but the dating coach that is right for you is someone who you enjoy talking to. They make you feel happy, encouraged, and motivated to date.

After all, the biggest reason why people give up on dating is that they get so frustrated and exhausted with the process. A dating coach is there to help you and encourage you so this doesn’t happen.

It is for this reason that I do not accept all clients who apply to work with me.

I put everyone through a free 20-minute consultation. It is on this phone call where both of us will decide if we get along well enough to make a great dating team.

If you’d like to schedule your free coaching consultation, click here.

Are There Dating Coaches?

Yes, dating coaches exist to help people find the love of their lives.

You might be embarrassed to hire a dating coach for women, but you shouldn’t be. Talking to a dating coach is kept 100% confidential.

A coach will also provide priceless information that will last you a lifetime. Sure, people get into relationships and get married all the time – but are those relationships really best for them? I have seen so many people fall “head over heels” with someone who was not a good fit for their life and they regretted it deeply in the long run.

A professional dating coach can help stop this from happening. We are briefed on the science of attraction, love, and high-quality relationships. The chances of you finding a true love that will last forever grow exponentially when you have the knowledge and expertise of a professional in your corner.

Dating Coach For Women Packages

If you have decided that you’d like to give dating coaching a try, I encourage you to book a free consultation with me by clicking this link. That way you can figure out if this is something that will make sense for you and your dating goals.

If you are interested in reviewing my coaching packages and prices, you can click here.

Lana Otoya

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