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Does He Love Me? 15 Clear Signs He’s In Love

I know you, you’re a thinker. Actually, you’re an overthinker. You second guess and overanalyze your relationship – all the time. So what’s on your mind today? Well, it’s asking yourself: Does He Love Me?

Does He Love Me?

15 Clear Signs He’s In Love

Don’t worry I’m here to help. As a dating coach for strong feminine women, I know your biggest weakness is your racing brain. So, let’s break it down and figure out if he really loves you.

#15 — He’s Taking The Lead

One of the biggest indicators that he’s in love is if he always wants to talk to you!

In other words, when you’re together, he wants to know all about your day, what you had for lunch, what your favorite color is, etc. Then when you’re apart, he’s always texting, calling or FaceTiming to check-in.

Hearing from you makes him happy, so there’s never a message that goes unread or a conversation that he’s not interested in.

Make sure to leave space for him! In order for you to see if he really loves you, you must leave space for him to show you.

This means you can’t be always texting him and asking him out on dates – you need to let him do this so that you can see if he’s truly interested.

This is a very important aspect of the law of polarity in relationships and it is a key way to attract higher-quality men. Using your feminine energy and the law of polarity will help you stop wondering if he really loves you and will help you attract high-quality men.

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#14 — He Initiates Hang-Out Time

Does he actually want to hang out with you? You’d be surprised at how many women are “seeing a guy” only to tell me that he never asks them to hang out!

If your guy really loves you, it means he wants to spend time with you. This means he rather spend time with you than with his friends and he doesn’t cancel plans.

Either way, you don’t have to worry about missing him or making him miss you. The lovely thing about this relationship is that he puts in the effort, which continues to make you feel wanted and secure. This is a great sign that he loves you!

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#13 — His Priorities Are Straight

If he really loves you, it means he doesn’t just make plans with you—he makes you a priority.

For instance, he’ll drop by your house with candy when he knows you’ve had a bad day. Or he’ll change his plans to accommodate yours.

And most importantly, he doesn’t cancel plans with you!

As a dating coach this is the biggest red flag I see when women tell me about men they are dating. If he is constantly canceling your plans or having to “work” last minute then he’s clearly not thinking of you as the love of his life.

Surprisingly, men who are in love actually enjoy spending time with the person they are in love with! I spent many years as a matchmaker talking to single men and trust me, once they find someone they love, they can’t get enough.

If your man puts your needs first before his, this will feel all kinds of liberating.

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#12 — He Talks About Your Future All the Time

Another sign that he’s in love is if he openly discusses your future as a couple. Maybe he talks about the trips you’ll take together or what your wedding will look like. This is a sure sign he’s marriage material.

An even bigger sign is if he makes plans with you in the future. Like buying tickets for a concert that is months away. If he’s doing that, it means he expects to be with you for the long term.

Then there’s the fact that he factors you into his upcoming plans. 

Whether it’s which family you’re going to spend Thanksgiving with or where you’ll get your first apartment together, you’re always included in the conversation. And this makes you look forward to your future together even more.

#11 — He’s Attentive When You’re Together

Does he actively listen to you during your conversations? That is to say, you have his undivided attention when you’re speaking and there are no cell phones or video games in sight?

Perhaps he even makes you feel shy because he’s so attentive and gives you “the look” of love when you’re talking.

Or maybe he’s attentive in other ways, from brushing pesky stray hairs off of your face or giving you plenty of physical affection.

Either way, you never feel like he’s distracted, cold, or uninterested. Ergo, happy days.

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#10 — He Can’t Do Enough To Help You

The law of polarity tells us that masculine, high-quality men really want to help. If you’re looking to attract a good man that is willing to provide a good life for you, he’s going to want to help you out. If he’s in love, he will want to help in any way he can.

This could be small things, like grabbing food on his way to your house or big things like arranging the van for you to move house.

Why? Well, he wants to see you happy. In fact, he’ll do whatever it takes to contribute to your happiness because this ultimately makes him happy.

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#9 — He Makes the Effort to Resolve Conflict Quickly

Speaking of him just wanting to make you happy, he hates arguing with you because it causes the opposite effect. Therefore, even though they’re few and far between, conflicts are handled calmly and considerately.

A sign of a man who has unhealthy fighting habits or who is a narcissist is if he appears to enjoy fighting with you.

Men who are emotionally sick and enjoy drama will escalate fights rather than de-escalate them. This is incredibly damaging and it’s the opposite behavior of a man who really loves you.

If he really loves you, he will make an effort to solve disputes quickly.

You might even be able to say that this is the quickest you’ve ever been able to solve arguments with someone. Sweet!

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#8 — He Can’t Keep His Hands Off You

If a man is in love or lust, he won’t be able to get you in the bedroom fast enough every time he sees you. 

Having said that, there’s one key difference if he’s in love: he’ll be all over you outside of the bedroom too. From holding your hand in public to putting his hand on your leg in the car, he just won’t be able to stop touching you. 

His signs of affection are not just sexual, they are loving as well. Like kissing you goodbye when he goes to work or giving you a hug before sitting down at the table for dinner.

When a man is in love, he acts much more romantic and loving than when he just thinks of you as a booty call.

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#7 — He Has a Pet Name for You

From pookie to snuffles, my little gorgiepie to Mrs Cuddles, he has at least one pet name for you that he doesn’t call anyone else.

This demonstrates that he has a soft spot for you and you alone.

After all, the usage of affectionate and playful pet names in relationships is known to indicate deep psychological attachment. It might feel cringey or cheesy, but when the two of you in love you won’t care – and it’s going to feel amazing.

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#6 — He Has a Special Voice for You

Likewise, some research suggests that baby talk and infantilizing, as well as mushy pet names, solidify mutual attachment between two partners.

When he speaks to you in this way, it goes back to his own experience when he was an infant and to his first love—his mother.

It seems gross, but this is science- I’m sorry!

The relationship a man has with his mother is a very important way to know if he’s learned how to love in a healthy and emotionally stable way.

Speaking in a cutesy voice also shows that he is confident in his masculinity. Men who are willing to be vulnerable, caring and playful are less likely to have toxic masculine traits or be emotionally abusive.

So if he’s willing to let go of his ego and speak to you in a cute way, he must really love you!

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#5 — He Wants to Introduce You to All of His Family and Friends

Has he made steps to introduce you to his loved ones? Perhaps you’ve already met his parents or spent a lot of time with his friends.

Either way, if he wants to “show you off”, he knows he’s in the a serious relationship, which demonstrates the strength of his feelings for you.

This also applies to him meeting your friends and family. If he seems hesitant to go to your friend’s birthday party or doesn’t want to go to your mom’s for Christmas dinner, it could mean he’s not serious about the relationship.

But before you start judging him on this one, make sure you’ve actually been together for a good amount of time. I’d say 5 months or more but the earlier he wants to get involved with your life, the better. It’s a sure sign that he really loves you and wants you to be together.

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#4 — He’s Vulnerable With You

Another sign that he’s already in love is if he’s completely comfortable with you, which allows him to open up about past traumas.

This might be an ex who cheated on him or a family member who abused him as a child. 

Either way, he feels safe to tell you exactly how he feels about things because he knows you’ll be compassionate without judgment.

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#3 — He’s Goofy With You

Because he can be his 100% authentic self, he can also be weird with you. From cracking silly jokes to behaving like an absolute goofball, he knows your bond is strong enough for him to show you the playful side of him.

And you’re all for it.

#2 — He Tells You How Much He Cares

Sure, he hasn’t said “I love you” yet, but he might as well have.

I mean, he already showers you with compliments, tells you that he misses you when you’re apart, or maybe even says “I really like you” when you’re together. Right?

If he’s doing all of this, just be patient.

He might not be ready to say the words yet, but all the signs are pointing to the fact that he probably does love you.

#1 — His Actions Speak Louder Than Words

When you have a high-quality masculine man who is serious about a long-term relationship, you will be able to see it in his actions.

I have had many female clients tell me about men who know all the right words. He was going to propose “soon” or they were going to go on a trip “once things settle down”, but nothing ever happened. Don’t be a woman that falls for words.

Look at the way he’s treating you and make sure that he always follows through with his promises.

If you’ve read through the items on this list and only a few of them apply to your relationship, not to worry—just give it time for the love to grow.

On the other hand, have you been nodding along the whole time you’ve been reading and wondering why he hasn’t said “I love you” yet?

According to Cosmopolitan, there could be several reasons why he hasn’t dropped those three little words into the conversation. For example, he’s:

  • Not ready to say it, so he’ll say it when he’s good and ready
  • Never said it, so he wants to wait until it feels 100% right
  • Been hurt before, so he needs to feel really secure before he can say it
  • Waiting for the perfect moment, which hasn’t arrived yet

Regardless, try to have some patience. As a strong feminine woman, you can give him the time he needs to say it because you are not relying on him for validation. That being said, if it’s been longer than six months, something could be up.

What to Do if He Never Says “I Love You”

If you started your relationship over six months ago and he still hasn’t said “I love you,” it may be time to address the situation.

Have you said it to him yet? Good, don’t do it. The law of polarity helps us realize that a man knows he is supposed to take the lead and you should let him.

Strong feminine women are willing to wait for him to take the lead and if he seems to be leading you on or dragging you through the mud, you can find someone who is serious and willing to go there with you.

Learn More About Using Feminine Energy To Attract Better Men

I hope you found this article helpful. Throughout this article you might have seen me reference “strong feminine women” and that is because you can use feminine energy to attract higher-quality men and reach inner feminine strength.

Learn more about attracting men with feminine energy in my guide “How To Attract Higher-Quality Men”.


Everybody in a relationship wants to hear those three little words to bring them joy and validate their feelings.

It’s important to realize that just because he hasn’t said that he loves you yet doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. However, it’s up to you to decide whether this is something you need to hear going forwards.

Let love show you the way!

Love, your favorite dating coach.


Lana Otoya

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