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How to Make Him Miss You Like Crazy!

In the beginning stages of a relationship, it’s tempting to spend every waking minute with your lover. You want him to be there when you get up, eat, work, play, and sleep — and repeat. I get it. I mean, everything is so fresh and exciting! Right?

However, being physically with someone all the time isn’t exactly healthy, especially if it’s a new partner. After all, you don’t even know each other properly yet.

How to make him miss you

Why You Should Let Him Miss You

The truth is, you need time apart so you can miss each other. And here are some key reasons why.

It Makes Your Relationship Stronger

First things first, spending just as much time apart as you do together ultimately makes you stronger as a couple.

Why? Well, because you’re still living your own lives. 

You don’t necessarily need each other but you want each other. And this is the very definition of a healthy and stable partnership.

Remember, you don’t need a man to be happy!

It Allows You to Keep Your Own Identity

Sure, letting him miss you allows you to live your own life. But it also means you can preserve your own identity.

What do I mean by this? Well, you guys have just started dating, right?

Fundamentally, it’s not yet mandatory for your lives to morph into one.

Take this opportunity to follow your dreams and carry on working on yourself as an individual before things get more serious.

After all, it won’t be long before you have to start prioritizing your new boyfriend and factoring him into every decision you perform.

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It Sets Boundaries Very Early On

According to relationship counsellor Dr Tracy Hutchinson, setting boundaries at the beginning of a relationship is important because:

  • It establishes which behavior is okay
  • It establishes which behavior is not okay
  • It teaches your other half how you respond to your boundaries being violated

By taking time for yourself and letting him miss you straight away, it sets the tone for the rest of the relationship.

You’re effectively telling him that you’re strong, independent, and don’t need him. And this will only make him want you more. 

This is because you are capitalizing on your feminine energy.

This energy is what makes a man want to chase you and feel like he’s captured the woman that was hardest to get.

It sounds a little primal, but don’t worry, you only have to do this in the beginning stages of a relationship.

Once you’re together for more than 6 months you don’t have to play this game anymore.

Learn more about feminine energy with this webinar.

It Allows You to Prioritize Your Other Loved Ones

Newsflash: the secret to a happy and successful life is all about balance.

Many women are guilty of neglecting their friends and family in the beginning stages of a relationship. And that’s not cool.

If you reduced the frequency of your dates with loverboy, you’d let him miss you. But you’d also ensure that your other loved ones stay at the top of your priority list — where they belong.

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It Makes You Appreciate the Time You Spend Together

If you’re always with your partner, you start to take them for granted.

However, spending time apart makes for a longer-lasting relationship because it essentially prolongs the “honeymoon period”. 

You don’t see each other all the time; therefore, you appreciate each other so much more when you’re together.

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7 Ways to Make Him Miss You

If you do the following things, I promise you’ll be making him miss you more than you’ll ever know.

#7 – Live Your Life

Firstly, don’t be one of those girls who are constantly waiting by the phone for their other half to call.

I know this can be tempting to do, after all, being in love is equivalent to taking a hit of cocaine… but don’t worry, you can do it.

You just do you. Keep yourself busy. And live your life to the fullest.

After all, life is short and precious.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you should ignore the poor guy.

That said, imagine if you gave off “I’m living my best life” vibes and splashed it all over social media about how much fun you were having without him.

His primal instincts would kick in. He’d thrive off the chase of trying to “catch” you. And he’d inevitably long for the day that you’re back in his arms.

I mean, doesn’t everyone want to spend time with a happy, outgoing person who’s clearly living a full, positive existence?

You just have to trust that your bond will bring him back to you eventually.

If it doesn’t, I’m sorry to tell you that he wasn’t into you as much as you thought. And in this case, you’re better off without him.

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#6 – Don’t Text Him Back Right Away

Similarly, limit the communication you have when you’re apart.

For example, when he calls or texts you, it doesn’t mean that you have to call or text back straight away. Right?

If he gets the sense that you’re needy, pressuring him, or dependent on him already, he’ll likely run a mile.

I get that it sounds harsh. However, unfortunately, this is just something to be expected from dating a millennial guy in the digital age.

Instead, let him wonder where you are from time to time.

Portray a strong sense of feminine energy. This energy is confident secure and only gives her presence to a man who deserves it.

This way, he’ll be so much more grateful for the time that he is talking to you or seeing you. And because of this, altercations will be kept to a minimum.

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#5 – Let Him Arrange the Plans

Let’s face it: women are known to be the super-organized sex.

Try taking a backseat in your relationship. Allow him to take control of the planning and scheduling — and see what happens.

Spoiler alert: he’ll be desperate to get you on another date quicker than a Mario Kart driver.

Remember, strong men who are ready to be in a long-term relationship, want to take the lead.

Why? Well, he won’t like the thought of not having you “there” to be the organizer.

It’s the classic push-pull dating technique that works like a magnet. 

Arouse curiosity and interest by seeming like you’re disinterested (even though we both know you’re not!).

Then you’ll naturally attract him to you. This is your feminine energy working it’s magic!

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#4 – Don’t Always Be Available

Say you’ll “have to check your schedule” every time he asks you to do something.

Even if you know you’ll be free, you don’t always have to abide by his schedule. Your lover must realize that you have a life outside of your relationship.

This is how you remain a ‘high-value woman” and it is the key step in using the high-status dating technique.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t see him if you really want to see him. It’s just that you need to give him the impression that you have other things on your schedule as well.

Having said that, you shouldn’t leave gaps in your schedule “just in case” he might want to see you on a specific day. This is just a breeding ground for anxiety and overthinking.

Likewise, you should never cancel all your plans just because he spontaneously offers to hang out.

If he likes you as much as you think he does, you won’t have to worry. He’ll wait until you’re ready to see him.

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#3 – Don’t Be Too Lovey-Dovey

Like I mentioned earlier, being clingy turns guys off.

I’m talking about one or a combination of the following:

  • Bombarding your beau with a recurrent stream of messages when you’re apart
  • Double-texting before he’s had a chance to reply
  • Smothering him with physical affection 
  • Showing up at places where you know he’ll be
  • Liking and commenting on all of his social media posts
  • Having “talks” about how you’d like to see him more

If it’s too much too soon, you could jeopardize your new relationship.

Struggling to control your feelings of neediness? According to Psychology Today, you can overcome them in these ways:

  • Breathe. If you’re scared that he’ll abandon or reject you, you can benefit from learning stress management skills. Do a workout, meditate and practice deep breathing exercises to reduce your anxiety and stay calm.
  • Practice emotional mindfulness. Sit down and write about the feelings you’re having. Focus on this task instead of making contact. It will help you recognize your feelings and figure out what you really need.
  • Assess your relationships. Clingy people often attract guys who reinforce their neediness. These men crave connection (like all humans) but fail to express this because they’re avoidant. If you’re always the one that has to call or text, are you okay with this?

Also, have you ever heard the phrase “treat them mean to keep them keen”?

I’m not saying that you should be rude to your beau. Although, keeping some of your kind thoughts and feelings to yourself can only help your cause.

How come? Well, it makes you a bit of a mystery. And most guys find mysterious women attractive.

After all, they want to be the one to solve the mystery.

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#2 – Make the Time You Spend Together Incredible

If you really want to make him miss you when you’re apart, make the time you spend together special.

Part of feminine energy is receiving which means you are open and accepting of when he does things for you. So if he takes you on a date, be sure to show your best self and have fun, even if it wasn’t your favorite restaurant or activity.

Doing this will make him feel good and confident about himself and that’s what will keep him coming back.

He’ll always look forward to the next time he’s going to see you, whether it’s in two days or two weeks’ time.

You can do this by:

  • Going on unique dates
  • Sharing new experiences together
  • Cracking jokes and being goofy together
  • Spending a limited amount of time together
  • Treating each other like kings and queens

Plus, the great memories of your last rendezvous will get you both through the time you have to spend apart.

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#1 – Don’t Be the First to Text After You’ve Seen Each Other

Lastly, it’s tempting to be the first one to text after you’ve shared an amazing date together.

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After all, you want to tell him just how much you enjoyed yourself — right?

(And how much you want to see him again!)

That said, try to resist this urge. Let him get in touch with you. Remember, feminine energy receives.

If you don’t reach out first, he’ll wonder where you are. And if he’s wondering where you are, he’s missing you. Fact.

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Other Early Relationship Rules

There are some other early relationship rules that you should follow to create a happy, healthy relationship in the initial stages — and beyond.

Don’t Stop Chasing Your Dreams

When some of us fall in love, we have a tendency to put our other halves on a pedestal.

This means that time stops when we’re with him.

We’re never fully whole until we’re back in his arms. And we want whatever he wants because we just long for him to be happy.

But always remember that your happiness comes first

I mean, the relationship with yourself is the one that lasts a lifetime.

Don’t sacrifice your hopes and dreams because of someone you just met. And if he’s falling for you too, he wouldn’t want you to anyway.

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Don’t Forget Your “Me” Time

Being in a relationship with yourself first and foremost, it’s important to make time for yourself (as well as your other relationships).

Some of us fail to do this because we struggle with self-worth.

Having said, according to MentalHealth.org.uk, you can learn to love yourself by doing these things:

  • Invest in yourself. Take a few minutes a day to appreciate yourself. Then spend 15-30 minutes a day doing something that you enjoy.
  • Act as your own best friend. If you stumble or feel like you’ve failed in some way, be kind to yourself. Support yourself so you can overcome every obstacle in life.
  • Help yourself relax. Look after yourself by exercising and eating well. Spend time in nature. Do something to wind down at the end of each day.

The idea is to instill positive habits. These will keep you feeling positive about yourself so you can feel positive about all your relationships.

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Don’t Stick With a Guy Who’s Trying to Change You

Finally, keep in mind that you guys are partners, equals, and teammates. One-sided relationships never work out. 

In fact, if you put your boyfriend on a pedestal, you might find that your relationship turns toxic.

Some examples of toxic behavior include narcissism, criticism, and manipulation. He may also try to change you or make you believe you’re never good enough.

Does this sound familiar? Well, in that case, you deserve better. 

If a guy can’t accept you as you are, you must always show him the door.

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How To Attract High-Quality Men

I hope you found this article helpful, but it does you no good if you’re not attracting High-Quality.

If you’re a confident and successful woman, you need a confident and successful man.

If you’re interested in learning what High-Quality men look for in a woman, check out my Free Guide on “How To Attract Higher-Quality Men” by Attracting Better Men.


I hope you enjoyed this article on how to make him miss you. When you first start dating someone new, it’s important to use your head as well as following your heart.

Avoid letting your feelings run away with you. Spend time apart, don’t chase him, and allow him to miss you.

Ultimately, this only going to make him want and appreciate you more.

Love, your favorite dating coach.


Lana Otoya

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