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18 Self Care Products That Will Calm Your Chaos

Self Care is absolutely essential for a happy healthy life. As you guys know, the Millennialships concept teaches that self care is one of the two keys to happiness so it is something I do on a daily basis. In order to help you guys on your self care journey, I pulled together some of the best self care products that you can use to relax your mind.

Self Care Products

18 Self Care Products that will calm your chaos

#1 – VicTsing Aromatherapy Diffuser

This nifty diffuser is perfect for diffusing essential oils. You can use it while you meditate, in the bath tub or just when you’re cleaning or doing boring chores. Using an oil like lemon can be stimulated and energizing so it makes even the most boring tasks a little easier to get through!

Self care products

#2 – Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils Kit

Comes with the following essential oils:

Tea Tree: Anti-biotic, calming, use for: tension or stress

Lavender: Calming, balancing, use for: calm, composure, emotional overload, tension and panic

Eucalyptus: Refreshing, stimulating, use for: promoting optimism

Frankincense: Warm, tranquil, use for: meditation

Lemongrass: Stimulating, reviving, use for: boosting energy, good for jet lag

-Lemon: Refreshing, purifying, use for: clarity, concentration

-Rosemary: Fresh, reviving, use for: increasing memory (great, for studying)

-Orange: Cheerful, uplifting, use for: optimism and to calm irritability

-Peppermint: Fresh, stimulating, use for: clear thinking, concentration, mental fatigue

Self Care Products

#3 Bamboo Sheets

A good night’s sleep is a self care must. There’s something about having some fresh new sheets that just makes going to bed all the more exciting and bamboo sheets are the bees knees! There are so many benefits including:

  • Really soft to the touch, softer than cotton.
  • Thermo-regulating so they stay cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Antibacterial, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and good for people with sensitive skin or dust sensitivity.
Self Care Products

#4 – Royal Craft Wood Bath Caddy

Make bath-tub more relaxing by having everything in one place. This photo has a tablet and cellphone in the photo but you shouldn’t be looking at social media while focusing on self care! Instead, use your phone to play some relaxing music or a meditation app.

Self Care Products

#5 Himalyan Salt Lamp

Another excellent addition to your relaxing bath time or anywhere in your house! This salt lamp cleans and freshens the air while also using a relaxing and soothing light to replicate the light of a campfire. Putting this light on in the bath or before you go to sleep is sure to enduce a calming and comforting effect.
Self Care Products

#6 Yuve Matcha Green Tea Powder

Add this matcha powder to your self care morning routine! Matcha has naturally occuring caffeine for that added boost of energy in the morning. It’s also a natural fat burner and has a concentration of healthy nutrients. Drinking Matcha in the morning will keep you focused on all the day’s difficult tasks.

#7 Indulge Me Bath Pillow

If you’re lucky to get away for a few moments for a relaxing bath, might as well make it the best experience possible! Avoid the stiff neck with this comfy bath pillow.
Self Care Products

#8 Sunbeam Quilted Heated Blanket

If you have a cat, it’s going to love this! One of my favourite self care activities is focusing on my sense of touch, since it’s a sense that often gets neglected. Cozy up on the couch with this heated electric blanket.

Self Care Products

#9 Meal Prep Book

Meal prepping is the worst! I’m not a fan of meal prepping but I am a HUGE fan of reaping the rewards of doing it. Having prepped meals saves a bunch of time and headache during the week, you save money and it’s healthier. A meal prep book or recipe list is a great way to take the thinking and planning out of meal prepping – it’s a must!

Self Care Products

#-10 All in One Tea Travel Mug

Who says all the self care has to happen at home? This all in one tea travel mug allows you to take a cup of warmth and comfort with you on the drive to work or on the bus. It makes your morning just a little easier to deal with.

Self Care Products

#11 LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb Set

Another one for bath tub, although this one works great as a gift! All of the tasks in my 10 Day Self Care challenge include giving or helping others. This is because when you help others, it releases hormones in your brain that make you feel good. Give the gift of self care and relaxation to someone you love by also reaping the rewards of those feel good hormones.

Self Care Products

#12 – LED Fairy Lights

There’s something about these fairy lights that have the ability to make any room feel calm. I personally have one of these cherry blossom LED trees in my bedroom but adding fairy lights to a plant or book shelf works well too. If you get ready for bed with these lights on, it really helps wind down and get you ready for a good night’s rest.

Self care products

#13 Click and Grow Smart Garden

As you know, taking care of others is a great way to release “feel good” hormones in your own brain. The same thing happens when you take care of a plant or a pet. If you’re like me though and you struggle to keep a cactus alive, these smart herb gardens are a dream! They look nice in your kitchen, they’re easy to use and you get to use fresh healthy herbs in your cooking.

Self Care Products

#14 Magic Bullet

Self Care Products

Part of my self care morning routine is to make a filling power smoothie. I use the magic bullet to do this because it has made my morning so much easier and faster! Using a traditional blender is big and bulky to clean but the magic bullet allows you to whip up a smoothie and have everything cleaned in less than 5 minutes! Since I make a smoothie every morning, I’ve actually got the process down to 3 minutes in total for making the smoothie, drinking it and cleaning up. 

#15 BalanceFrom Yoga Mat

This Yoga mat is more of a symbol for “do yoga”. An easy yoga routine can be done at home and is a great way to relax the mind and the body – the perfect self care combination!

Self Care Products

Thanks for checking out my list of self care products, and I hope you find some of them helpful! You might also be interested in my FREE 10 Day Self Care challenge. It includes 10 days of actionable tasks to help relax your mind. You can learn more about it here.

Until next time friends!

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