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10 Signs He’s Falling For You Hard

So you’re falling head over heels for a great man, and you’re wondering if he’s feeling the same way?

Isn’t this fun! The beginning stages of a relationship…You know, the first few months of dating a new guy where everything feels so fresh and exciting

signs he's falling for you

The Rush of New Love

As well as wanting to learn all that there is to know about him, you also want to see him as often as you can.

Why? Well, because he’s like your very own happiness pill. And you’re super into him (perhaps more than you’ve been into anyone else ever!).

That said, how are you supposed to know if he feels the same way?

Not to worry — there’ll be some tell-tale signs.

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How do you tell if a guy is slowly falling for you?

The first step is understanding why he might not be telling you he’s falling for you. Her are some reasons why he might keep this to himself:

He’s Shy

First things first, the main reason why your partner might not just tell you he’s falling for you is because he’s shy.

Perhaps he’s not the greatest at opening up about how he feels or being overly emotional. Or maybe he suffers from low self-esteem.

Either way, he’d rather keep his thoughts and feelings to himself for now — and you have to respect that.

So don’t poke him, but just make sure to create a safe space for him so he can reveal his feelings when he’s ready.

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He Doesn’t Want to Jinx What You Have

Another reason he might hold back is because he’s happy with the way things are.

After all, whether it’s for better or for worse, revealing feelings could significantly change your situation.

And he might be concerned that you won’t reciprocate how he feels, thus ruining what you already have.

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He’s Letting His Past Dictate His Future

Along with the fear that the revelation of feelings will have a negative effect on your relationship, your other half might also have a fear of rejection.

This could be down to past insecurities and hurt caused by other relationships.

Therefore, he might prefer to hold back and let you take the lead.

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He’s Waiting for You to Tell Him

He could want you to do it first!

After all, it would be pretty embarrassing if he said it to you and you didn’t say it back.

Newsflash: the opposite sex can be very proud. 

And they often like to “save face” when it comes to relationships, unlike women who prioritize openness and honesty. Right?

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He’s Scared of Commitment

He might also be playing the waiting game because he’s not ready for your relationship to become Facebook-official yet. 

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have incredibly strong feelings for you.

It just means he has one of the eight common fears of commitment, according to Psychology Today.

These consist of:

  • Fear of rejection, where a man is afraid that the woman will lose interest and abandon him
  • Fear of being controlled or smothered, which causes emotional unavailability, stemming from a strong mothering pressure that men can experience growing up
  • Fear of not being lovable, which comes from a lack of validation growing up, making him feel insecure and not good enough
  • Fear of not measuring up, because of society’s expectation that men should be the “provider” and successful in everything they do
  • Fear of being found out, which occurs when a man gets closer to a woman and he’s scared of being exposed
  • Fear of trusting a woman, which develops from a manipulative mother or previous relationships where he’s been cheated on by a woman
  • Fear of growing up, also called Peter Pan syndrome, which makes a man hesitant to take on the responsibilities of a relationship, children, and family life
  • Fear of being unable to make the “right” decision, which means he takes a very long time to commit or trust his own judgment

Although your partner might not be ready to tell you that he’s falling for you, his actions should speak louder than words.

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10 Signs He’s Falling For You

#10 — He’s Humoured By You

One of the main signs he’s falling for you is if he finds you hilarious. (Maybe even more so than his favorite comedian.)

He laughs at all your jokes — even when they’re not really that funny.

You’re able to be goofy around each other. And the time you spend together is always fun and enjoyable.

As a result, your list of inside jokes is already a mile long — and only continues to grow!

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#9 – He Pays Attention

A guy who cares about you wants to know about your life. He’s interested in how your day went at work. He wants to know all of your little quirks, like what you eat for breakfast or. your favorite dessert.

He’ll hang on to every word you say. He’ll be empathetic when you’re having a tough time. He wants to celebrate your wins with you.

And because of this, you’ll feel like you’re the only woman in the world when you’re with him. True story.

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#8 – He Messages You a Lot When You’re Apart

He texts you!

So often as a dating coach, I hear my clients say “he hasn’t texted me in a while, should I text him?”

Men who are interested in you will be sure to reach out.

When you’re apart, a guy who’s crazy about you will show you just as much attention as he does when you’re together. 

Texts, emails, calls — you name it — you receive them. And frequently.

And my goodness, doesn’t this feel lovely?

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#7 – He Can’t Keep His Hands Off You

Another sign he’s falling for you hard is if he always wants to be around you. Even if you’re out with a big group of mutual friends!

Perhaps he always finds an excuse to be next to you or touching you. Or maybe he’s constantly grabbing your hand or kissing you.

Either way, this indicates that he wants to show you — and everybody else — how much he cares.

That said, love can easily be confused with lust.

If he’s purely feeling lust and not love, according to Thrive Global, you’ll be able to tell in the following ways:

  • – Your connection won’t be as amazing when you remove sex from the relationship
  • – You won’t spend as much time with your partner when sex is off the table
  • – He won’t tell you his deepest thoughts, fears, and experiences
  • – He’ll refuse to put you first
  • – He’ll never talk about your future together or he’ll change the subject when you bring it up

To sum it up: your relationship will be more well-rounded if it’s love. It will be based on emotional and physical intimacy. If it’s not, it sounds like it might just be lust.

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#6 – He’s Part Of Your Life

When a guy is majorly into you, he’ll want to be involved in every aspect of your life.

This means that if your loved ones are special to you, they’ll also be special to him. Hence, he’ll want to spend time getting to know them.

Likewise, he’ll want you to meet his loved ones to integrate you in every aspect of his life.

Why? Well, because he’ll already know that his future has you in it.

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#5 – He Talks About You Behind Your Back

One of the biggest signs he’s falling for you is if he can’t stop talking about you.

Whether it’s to his loved ones, to your loved ones, or to anyone who’ll listen (including your nosy neighbor Maureen), your name will always be on his lips.

And this is mostly because he won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

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#4 – His Facial Expressions Show It

Does his face light up when he sees you? Even if it’s only been a couple of days since you guys saw each other last?

If so, he’s got it bad for you, girl.

In fact, you might find that his face lights up when he’s looking at you in general.

After all, they don’t call it “the look of love” for nothing!

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#3 – You Have a Pet Name for Each Other

When you’re dating someone new, it’s almost like a flip has been switched as soon as the pet names come out.

Why? Well, pet names are a major sign of love, affection, and a relationship that’s going to last.

From pookie to honey-pie, Pooh bear to snuggle-puss, he wouldn’t provide his own name for you if he wasn’t becoming attached. 

Embrace it with open arms.

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#2 – He Does Romantic Things

If your partner is really romantic with you, this is a sign that he wants to give you the world.

I’m talking about all the sweet little gestures that make us girls swoon, such as:

  • – Opening doors for you
  • – Buying you chocolate when you’ve had a hard day
  • – Cooking meals for you
  • – Massaging your feet when they hurt
  • – Messaging you when he sees something that reminds him of you to tell you about it

That said, there are some romantic gestures that are major red flags, according to Cosmopolitan.

Falling In Love Signs That Are Unhealthy:

  • Professing love very early on is a common behavior among controlling, abusive, or narcissistic partners. He might believe he’s in love, even though he doesn’t actually know you yet. Therefore, when you start to sway from his perfect perception of you, he might become aggressive or cold.
  • If a guy overshares about his ex and past relationships, he might not be in the right place to start a new relationship. Especially if he talks about it in an angry or bitter way.
  • Does he chat you up constantly? If so, he might attach to romantic partners quickly and be unaware that his amount of communication is overwhelming. And if he becomes angry or makes you feel guilty when you ask for space, this might be a bad sign of what’s to come.
  • Does he want to spend all of his time with you? Sure, it’s flattering when a guy “can’t get enough of you,” but it can also become a bit much. If he’s constantly pressuring you or making you feel guilty for spending time with other loved ones, the relationship could end up becoming toxic and unhealthy.
  • Being overprotective is cute in small doses. However, it can also mask an unhealthy form of jealousy. If he starts asking for your phone password and stalking your every move on social media, this is a definite red flag of a controlling partner.
  • Does he make over-the-top, grand promises? Usually, the guys who make dramatic statements such as “I would never hurt you” are the ones that do end up hurting you. In a new relationship, it’s better to pay attention to his actions and values before you latch onto his words — just in case there’s a disconnect that leaves you hurt and disappointed.

Fundamentally, I get that this is a new relationship and you want to give your other half the benefit of the doubt. 

That said, try not to confuse the genuine, sweet things with the things that seem nice on the surface, but can actually be rather manipulative.

It’s like I always say: lead with your heart, but use your head.

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#1 – He Constantly Tells You How Happy He Is

Lastly, one of the most obvious signs he’s falling for you is if he’s sweet with his words as well as his actions.

He might do one or a combination of the following on a regular basis:

  • Tell you how happy you make him
  • Talk about your future together
  • Compliment your appearance and/or personality

Either way, it’ll become obvious that he wants to tell you that his feelings have progressed.

He just hasn’t said the specific words yet.

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How to Tell a Guy You’re Falling For Him

You don’t have to try and decipher all these signs falling for you, and wait around for him you know. You can tell him. 

It is the 21st century, which means that women are more than capable of taking matters into their own hands. Right?

However, I know this isn’t easy. You want to save yourself embarrassment and disappointment. In that case, it’s probably best to identify some of the signs above first.

Then when you’re ready to communicate how crazy you are about him, here’s how to approach the situation:

  • Find a moment where it’s just the two of you
  • Make sure there aren’t any distractions
  • Wait until you’re both in a good mood
  • Start talking about your relationship and how happy you’ve been lately
  • Just say it!

Oh, and by “just say it,” I mean the words: “I’m falling in love with you.” Be direct, to-the-point, and wait for him to respond.

And hopefully, it won’t be long before he comes back with: “I’m falling in love with you, too!”

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If you’re a confident and successful woman, you need a confident and successful man.

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Even though it can be frustrating waiting for a guy to tell you he’s falling for you, it’ll all be worthwhile in the end.

And in the meantime, look out for those tell-tale signs!

Love, your favorite dating coach.


Lana Otoya

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  1. So what I know about my partner, is that he doesn’t say how happy he is, he says how he truly feels overall. I do make him happy but I’m just one thing. Everything else is wearing him down and I’m honestly kind of scared for him. Everyday now he says how sad he is but how happy I make him. It’s scary and sweet at the same time. And I know the secret that he’s only ever told his guy best friend. I won’t share it on here because it is quite tragic. But, anywho, that’s how I know that I’ve truly gained his trust is the fact that I know a lot more about him than most people in the entire school. Some of his family don’t know him as well as me and I take pride in that.

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