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Text Chemistry Review (2020) – My Honest Opinion

This Text Chemistry Review contains affiliate links. I only promote products I have tried and loved.

Text Chemistry Review:

These texts/methods will work
Includes copy and paste texts
Scientific based psychology
Excellent tips on how men think
The Bad:
eBook can be long-winded
Could’ve used more examples
Some texts are manipulative


If you want to be sexier and more engaging via text, this course is a must-have. The methods are effective, really simple to use, and can even be used in real-life communication – not just text.


Ease of Use


Who is Amy North?

Text chemistry review

Amy North is a renowned dating coach and the creator of Text Chemistry. She holds a degree in social psychology and has been a dating coach for many years.

Amy is extremely successful in the dating industry, boasting over 550K YouTube Subscribers and thousands of personal coaching clients.

Overview of Text Chemistry

Text Chemistry Review

Text Chemistry is a dating information package. The main selling point of the package is its 50,000 word eBook which is all about attracting men through text.

Along with the written book, you also get a video course with 13 videos and 3 bonus ebooks:

The program consists of a main eBook, a 13-video series, as well as 3 bonus eBooks:

  • The Phone Game
  • Why Men Leave
  • Tinder Success Secrets

The entire package is all about how to attract men using the written word, aka. text messages.

With Text Chemistry you will…

  • Have specific texts that you can copy and paste into your phone to make a casual guy you’re seeing into your boyfriend.
  • Know fundamentals of witty and playful texting so that you can get off Bumble and score more real life dates.
  • Have a list of go-to texts that will get his attention if he’s growing distant.
  • Have a collection of responses that you can text your guy in various situations (such as when he sends you a dick pic, when he’s been ignoring your texts and when you’re sexting.

Type Of Texts

Here are some of the type of texts Amy teaches in the course:

Rocket Texts: These are texts that fuel a relationship that is just starting out. You send these before you are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Crystal Ball Texts: Texts that help him take the relationship to the next level. Whether that’s “making it official”, moving in together, or proposing.

Satelite Texts: Use these when a man starts growing distant or ignoring you.

Supernova Texts: Texts that make him want to keep you around forever.

Tantalizing Texts: Texts that spice things up!

Who Is This Product For?

Amy’s product is not for everyone. Let’s break down who will receive the most benefit from this course.

Text Chemistry is Not For:

  • People already in a committed relationship lasting longer than six months
  • Very witty, flirty and funny people who already do well with texting
  • Men. Sorry! The methods in the book are all specifically about how women can attract men.
  • Anyone looking for an actual magic pill to attract a man – it doesn’t exist!

You’ll Benefit from Text Chemistry If:

  • You are using dating sites or apps to try and find a partner.
  • You don’t like texting and struggle to keep text conversations interesting.
  • You’ve just started dating a man and want to keep him interested.
  • You’re dealing with a man who is growing distant.
  • You need some help with flirting and being sexy via text.

Additional Bonus: While I don’t recommend Text Chemistry for women already in a relationship, many of the methods and texts described in the book are still useful after the two of you are “official.”

You can even use many of the tips from the book after you’re married!

Note: My Text Chemistry review is based on my personal opinion, but I did purchase it for client-use, not for personal use.

Does Text Chemistry Work?

I personally purchased Text Chemistry so that I could help my clients see better results with online dating and while they were seeing people casually.

Not only did it work for them, but it also taught me a thing or two about texting while you’re in a long-term committed relationship!

Flirty texts, fighting texts, and hints for marriage texts are all covered in Text Chemistry.

As a person in a committed relationship, my favourite lesson was called the “crystal ball text” which is a sure-fire way to get a man to commit for the long-term. I’ve even used these on my boyfriend (now fiance).

I know you’re thinking this sounds a little too good to be true and it kind of is.

See, the course is not a magical secret set of text messages that are going to get you any man you want.

Instead, it’s about the fundamentals of communication between men and women. It’s about real skills for how to get through to a man in a way that he can’t ignore. 

When you grab the course you’re going to be like “wow, that’s all I have to do?” because it really is THAT simple. Yet doing it wrong (which is what most of my clients are doing when they come to me) is what is keeping you chasing your tail and struggling to lock down a man.

Men do NOT think (or text) the same way that women do.

How Much Is Text Chemistry?

The entire info package, including the ebook, videos, and bonus PDF’s sells for $49.99.

My honest opinion on Text Chemistry’s pricing is that it is priced fairly. I don’t think it is an insane bargain hunting deal for the information presented, but I don’t think it’s overpriced.

The price for dating coaching can be upwards of $60-$150/hr so $50 for an entire dating package is fair in my books.

What I Didn’t Like

The Book Is Too Long

Amy has written a 50,000-word book all about texting. The information in the book is useful, but it’s long. She’s an educated person and a good communicator so the words are well written, there’s just…too many of them!

The book should be shorter, and that’s why I have created some cliff notes and ways to speed through it as part of my “exclusive bonuses” below.

Manipulation Tactics

Some of the methods taught in Text Chemistry are manipulative.

It’s not nice or helpful to trick men into doing things you want them to do.

If everyone used these methods with good intentions, there wouldn’t be any issue. But we all know there are some people that will use these tips to trick men into doing things they might not want to do.

Getting what you want out of a man is only good if the two of you are on the same page. Being open, honest, and trustworthy should always come first.

Don’t let the tips in the book take you down an unhealthy path.

Marketing Is Hyped

The marketing around this product does make it sound like a secret magic dating pill and I’m not a huge fan of that. Behind all the “secret texts to win him over” marketing, there’s actually a good product here about confidence and human connection.

What I Loved

Increases Physical Attraction

As a dating coach, people always ask me if they should date a man who checks off all the boxes, but they aren’t feeling the chemistry.

The answer to that question is, no. You need chemistry for it to work.

The thing is, chemistry can actually be created.

You can’t create it from absolutely zero, but you can definitely increase the flirting and tension in order to excite a man and increase your physical attraction to each other.

Text Chemistry uses scientifically proven ways to “play the game” so that you can build chemistry with a man and keep him interested. Any woman swiping on Bumble would be a fool not to want that power.

Copy And Paste

I love that Amy has included specific examples of texts. You can literally just copy, paste and send them to your man. She has made an entire reference guide so that you never have to wonder what to say.

With Amy’s book as a reference, you always have the answer. It’s as easy as copying and pasting the correct text into your phone.

Exclusive Bonuses

If you have decided that you’d like to give Text Chemistry a try, consider purchasing it through this page. I have created some exclusive bonuses for you if you do.

The one thing I didn’t like about Text Chemistry is that it’s longwinded. In order to increase the value of the product and save you time, I created some special bonuses to give you when you purchase Amy’s product through me. Here’s what I’m offering:

Bonus #1 – Audio Files 

I have made audio recordings of the ebook for those of you who don’t like reading long e-books! That way you can just pop in some earbuds and learn all about texting communication while on the bus or driving to work.

Bonus #2 – Cliff Notes

The ebook is packed with tons of useful info. While this is great, it can be frustrating to go back and reference. To make things easier, I have condensed Amy’s 120-page book into a 30 page PDF that you can skim through.

This makes it super easy for you to reference the material over and over again. Especially if you are struggling to think of a text to send your man and you need a quick guide!

Instead of asking your friends for help, you can consult Amy’s tips with my cliff notes. It’s like having 2 dating coaches in your back pocket at all times!

Bonus #3 – Dating Tool Kit & 30% Off Coaching

Text chemistry review amy north

I will send you the dating tool kit that I only offer to my coaching clients. This tool kit includes:

  • How to streamline your online dating so it’s less emotionally draining and more effective
  • Tips on how to write a good profile and pick good photos
  • A list of icebreakers you can use on Bumble or Tinder to get better responses
  • Tips on how to nail that first date so you’re guaranteed a second date.

And you can claim 30% off all my coaching packages.

This total package is worth over $350!

And it’s all yours for FREE if you purchase Text Chemistry through this page.

Here’s how to claim the bonuses:

Step 1: Get Text Chemistry today by clicking on this link.

Step 2: Send your receipt or confirmation to: lana{at}millennialships.com

Step 3: I will confirm your purchase and send your bonuses right over!


Text Chemistry is great for women who start seeing men, go on a few dates, and then the attraction fizzles out. It’s a great system to increase flirtiness, chemistry and the interest of a man you have just started seeing.

It meets my stamp of approval!

Lana Otoya

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