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What’s Bumble and Is It Good For Long Term Relationships?

Navigating all the different dating sites and apps can be so confusing! What’s Bumble? Is it for hookups or for real relationships? Is it Bumble Free? What’s a Bumble Boost? Wonder no more young grasshopper (or honeybee? sorry, it’s getting weird) here is your ultimate guide to Bumble.

What’s Bumble and is it good for long-term relationships?

The Bumble philosophy: “First Moves”

Bumble is kind of the “classier” more female friendly version of Tinder. This is because of it’s main philosophy which is that women are the ones to make the first move. A man is not allowed to send messages to a woman unless she has messaged him first.

What’s great about this is that it puts you in the driver’s seat. To quote the founder of Bumble herself:

When I founded Bumble, it was because I saw a problem I wanted to help solve. It was 2014, but so many of the smart, wonderful women in my life were still waiting around for men to ask them out, to take their numbers, or to start up a conversation on a dating app. For all the advances women had been making in workplaces and corridors of power, the gender dynamics of dating and romance still seemed so outdated. I thought, what if I could flip that on its head? What if women made the first move, and sent the first message?

This slight but very significant difference separates Bumble from other apps. It puts the women in the driver’s seat so there is less harassment, less creepy weirdos and less dick pics.

How does Bumble work?

Bumble is a swiping based app just like Tinder. You will swipe left for people you don’t like and right for people you do like. If you swipe right on someone and they swipe you back, you will be a “match”. As a woman, it is your job to send the first message to men you’re interested in. He will have 24 hours to respond to your message or the connection expires. If you have been unmatched by someone, your entire conversation will disappear and if they have deleted their profile, you will see a “deleted user” message pop up when you click on them.

Bumble has three categories: Date, BFF and BIZZ.

Date is the most popular which is the dating/romantic relationship app. BFF is for finding friends and Bizz is for professional/career networking.


Is Bumble free?

Yup, Bumble is free!

Signing up for the free app is all most people need but if you’re serious about dating and want to speed up the process, signing up for the optional premium features might work well for you. The premium features are called Bumble boost and Bumble coins.

What is Bumble boost and Bumble coins?

The bumble boost unlocks certain premium perks. It allows you to see users who have already swiped right on your profile, re-match with connections that have expired and extend your matches for an additional 24 hours. Bumble coins allow you to send SuperSwipes so that your potential match knows that they are special.

If you accidentally swiped left on your prince charming, you can go back

It’s not the end of the world if you accidentally swiped left. Bumble says that you can shake your phone to backtrack your decision and decide if you want to swipe right instead. Unfortunately you only use three backtracks every three hours so swipe carefully!

Is Bumble for serious relationships?

Now that you know what Bumble is all about, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth your time. The short answer is yes, Bumble is for serious relationships and here’s why.

Bumble has made a conscious effort to brand itself as a dating app made for “connections” and not hookups.

See these stats about Bumble from Mashable:

A new survey of Bumble’s users reveals that 85 percent say they’re “looking for marriage or a boyfriend/girlfriend.”

The survey also found that less than 4 percent of men and less than 1 percent of women on the app “are looking for a hookup,” and 25 percent of users say they “went on a first date with someone they met on Bumble in the last month.”

Not only does their branding help portray the idea of serious connections vs. hookups, their technology is based around keeping users safe and honest. This leads to less harassment or hook up type culture on the app.

Bumble has strict rules about how users sign up for their app. If you are using a fake or brand new Facebook account, you’ll need to tie your account to a phone number. You’ll also need to verify your photo in order to prove that you are who you say you are.

Bumble Selfie Verification

The bumble selfie verification is done to prevent catfishing. What they’ll do is ask you to take a selfie of yourself doing a pose (ie. giving a thumbs up). Then Bumble can verify that the person behind the account is legitimate.

Bumble prides itself on keeping users safe.

Bumble is all about making sure their users are kept safe and free of harassment. Not only are they strict about limiting dick pics or abusive language, but they’re also against hostile misogynistic behavior. Take the example of Connor. Bumble banned Connor and put his messages on public display so it could warn others that Bumble does not tolerate sexist language. This was after Connor through a temper tantrum after a woman asked what he does for a living.

Bumble then wrote an open letter to Connor:

Dear Connor, It has been brought to our attention that you lost your cool on one of our female users, Ashley. She made small talk; you felt personally attacked. She mentioned her work day and asked about yours; you assumed she was prying into your financial status.Given we’re all working women ourselves, we’re going to venture a guess into Ashley’s intentions here. Take a seat, Connor, because this concept may blow your mind: Women nowadays work. It’s happened gradually, we know, but the majority of women from our generation have jobs.

Their cheeky letter is a hoot to read and also showed the temper tantrum that Connor went on. You can read the full article here, but it just goes to show how seriously they take their female friendly stance.

Dating Apps Are For Serious Relationships

Less and less people are using dating sites these days and more are gravitating towards apps. Apps used to have the stigma of hook up culture, but this is no longer the case. I have often said that this is a result of human nature.

See, most people enjoy the company of a long-term partner. Although the single life and the thrill of the chase can be fun for a while, most people grow tired of this and want to settle down. It is for this reason that Bumble and even Tinder have millions of users that are looking for something more serious.

Most people just want the quick and easy convenience of meeting people that apps give you, but still want to find “the one” to settle down with.

So long story short, yes Bumble is for serious relationships!

Using Bumble to find a serious partner

If you want to start using Bumble to find a serious relationship, you’ll want to make sure you’re set up for success. Here are some helpful articles that can get you started on the right foot:

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  1. I was looking into giving online dating a try but I have never done it and not much experience in longer lasting relationships due to my others being short, I think my longest relationship is about 2 months would it be worth the try?

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