Lana Otoya
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Vancouver Dating Coach For Women

My Story

My journey into the professional dating industry started as a Matchmaker.

I was working for an online company where I would help mostly male clients in their efforts to find a partner.

We updated their profiles, chose their photos and created an online dating strategy so that they could find success.

I worked with hundreds of single people and learned of their struggles and their successes. They taught me everything I know about dating in the 21st century.

After speaking with hundreds of singles, I began writing blog articles with advice and eventually started dating coaching my own clients.

What I can do for you

With the positive feedback I’ve received from every single one of my personal clients, my coaching business has continued to expand year after year.

As a millennial who is familiar with all the dating apps, I have hands-on experience with what it’s actually like to use Tinder or Bumble. I even met my long-term partner on Tinder!

Many of the dating coaches out there have been married for years and haven’t felt the pain of swiping right for hours. I have hands-on experience and years of Matchmaking and Coaching under my belt.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated with online dating or felt that it was never going to work, I can help.

You deserve a high-quality man that is head over heels for you, and with my strategies, you can find him. You don’t need to settle, I’m here to help you find that diamond in the rough. 

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