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15 Signs He Wants A Relationship And Not Fling

My best friend in University made a huge mistake. She started seeing a guy who was “amazing” and “could be the one.” They were having sex and seeing each other often. Before she knew it, she was in love. After months of dating, he finally broke the news. He was not interested in a serious relationship. The catch to this story is that I knew he wasn’t serious after they were dating for about a month. Even though I tried...

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Signs of jealousy in a man, vancouver dating coach for women

Signs Of Jealousy In A Man – Cute Or Unhealthy?

Post Written By Lana Otoya, Dating Coach If you’re noticing some signs of jealousy in a man you’re seeing, you might be wondering if this is a dealbreaker. While a little jealousy may be cute, a real jealous man can turn into an abusive and controlling partner. Find out the signs of jealousy in a man and whether or not it is acceptable. Signs of Jealousy To Look Out For In Your New Man First, let’s start by highlighting signs...

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Why Men Pull Away After Sex And How To Get His Interest Back

You did it, you had sex with him. Everything seemed fine but now you notice him getting a little distant. Here’s why men pull away after sex and what you can do about it. Why Do Men Pull Away, Especially After Sex? As a professional dating coach, I hear a lot of the female side of things, but as a matchmaker, I talk to many single men. This allowed me to notice something really interesting. When I asked them the...

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OkCupid vs Bumble – Which Is Better For Long-Term Relationships?

As a professional dating coach and matchmaker, I’ve had a deep inside look at both of these dating sites/apps and one is definitely better than the other. Here is my experience on OkCupid Vs Bumble. OkCupid vs Bumble – The difference between classic dating sites and apps The first thing we need to take a look at when comparing these two platforms is that OkCupid is a traditional website that happens to have an app, and Bumble is a phone...

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How to deal with a stage 5 clinger dating coach for women

A Stage 5 Clinger – Is Clinginess A Dealbreaker?

You really like him but, he’s kind of smothering you. His clinginess is a turnoff but is it a dealbreaker? Here’s how to deal with a stage 5 clinger. What To Do With A Stage 5 Clinger Downright Creepy As a dating coach for women, I hear a lot of weird things that men do on dates and in relationships, but there’s a line between weird and creepy. There are certain things that are just downright not ok and if...

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Why Men Come Back Months Later

So you were dating a guy, he disappeared, and now months later, he’s texting you. Find out why men come back months later, and what you can do about it, step by step. Why Did He Come Back Months Later? He Made A Huge Mistake and Realized You’re The Love Of His Life Is this why you’re here? Were you hoping I would say this? Well, if you are still in love with him and are happy that he’s giving...

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