18 Tell-All Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

signs your male friend has feelings for you
Lana Otoya

Wait… does he like me?!?

Did you ask yourself this while thinking about your male friend?

If so, then you might have picked up on some hints that he might have feelings for you.

How exciting!

Or, sorry… should I be saying “eww gross!?”

However you feel about your friend liking you, sometimes it can be hard to tell.

Friends are nice and caring towards each other. They laugh together, hang out, and have deep conversations. So when do you know if you’ve crossed the line into “feelings” territory?

That’s where I come in! Your fave dating coach 😉

Since it can be difficult to know if your male friend has feelings for you, I made a list so you can easily find out!

Here are 18 signs your male friend has feelings for you.

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18. He’s talking to you more often

Most of us have a schedule for how often we see our friends.

Some friends are once a week kind of friends, while others are more like once a year.

Has your male friend upped the amount of time he wants to talk to you or see you? If he’s making excuses to talk to you more often, then he could be catching feelings for you!

After all, falling in love has been scientifically proven to feel like being high on cocaine. So no wonder he wants to keep reaching out!

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17. He extends the conversation

male friend has feelings for me

Aside from wanting to talk to you more often, he may also go out of his way to extend the conversations so that they go on longer.

So let’s say he texts you about a new show that you should watch, he says something like:

“Hey Sarah, did you know the new season of Game of Thrones is out?”

Then you reply:

“Oh I didn’t know! I’ll have to catch up on that tonight.”

Now technically the conversation is over, but if he tries to keep it going, it’s a sure sign he’s catching feelings for you!

Something like:

“Yeah I heard it’s really good, what other shows are you watching these days…?”

Most friends don’t really chit-chat about the small stuff.

They either have something to talk about and then the conversation is over, or they decide to just make plans in real life.

If he’s extending text conversations so that they are more like “chit-chat”, pull over and stop the car because that’s a huge sign that you don’t want to miss!

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16. He texts you randomly

One of the biggest signs your male friend has feelings for you if he texts you really randomly.

Sure, friends text each other random stuff all the time, but you’ll get a vibe from him if it seems like he’s just trying to make conversation.

Like if he just saw Will Farrell on the subway, and Will Farell is your favorite actor, of course, that’s a great reason to text you!

It’s super relevant and you’re going to love it.

But what if he just decides to text you that he’s having tacos for dinner?

Or asking you if you have any suggestions for him to watch on Netflix?

These are boring and random topics that clearly show that he doesn’t care about your suggestion for Netflix…he just wants to chat with you and start flirting!

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15. He wants to hang out often

People are busy!

We’re working, trying to get to the gym, seeing family, seeing friends, and most importantly… spending time at home recharging from all that other stuff!

We don’t have time to see our friends multiple times a week… every week.

If your male friend is suddenly wanting to hang out very often, like once a week or more… this is a huge sign that he has feelings for you!

Like I said, people are busy, but we’ll make time for the people we’re falling head over heels for.

Remember, falling in love is like cocaine! Most people are going to make time for that satisfying rush of new budding love!

If he’s asking you to hang out, like, a lot… you better believe he is starting to like you and wants to get pulled out of that friend zone.

The question is… are you going to let him?

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14. Blushes when talking to you

male friend likes me

As most of us already know, body language accounts for more than 50% of human communication.

But sometimes, our body starts saying things without our permission!

In fact, as HuffPost pointed out, people blush when they’re attracted to someone because it mimics the effects of having an orgasm!

See quote below from HuffPost:

When we are attracted to someone, blood will flow to our face, causing our cheeks to get red. This happens to mimic the orgasm effect where we get flushed. It is an evolutionary way the body tries to attract the opposite sex.

So if your male friend used to be a cool cat and now he’s blushing and stumbling on his words… it’s because his body is mimicking an orgasm while he’s around you.

How adorable! 🙂

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13. He invites you to hangout with other friends

There’s an episode of Seinfeld where George doesn’t want to hang out with his girlfriend and his friends at the same time.

He says that “independent George” and “relationship George” are two different people and if they’re together in the same room, it will kill independent George.

George wanted to keep his independence but you know what?…

Men who are ready to be in a relationship don’t mind killing the independent version of themselves!

That’s right! Men who are ready for a relationship want their worlds to all mix together.

And introducing a “new girl” to his friends is not a move that he takes likely. All his friends will know exactly where this is going, and he is ok with them thinking that.

So if he’s invited you to hang out with his other friends, it means that he wants to make you part of his world. Part of his circle.

He would only do this if he’s interested in you as more than a friend.

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12. He likes your social media posts

Ok this one is a bit tricky.

Most friends like each other’s posts on social media…

So you’ll have to pay attention to the following categories so you can be 100% sure if he’s liking you as a friend, or more than a friend.


  1. Has always liked your posts regularly, even almost every time and is still doing it.

More than a Friend:

  1. Never paid attention to your social media and is suddenly liking all your posts
  2. Comment frequency has gone up

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11. He pays for stuff

signs your male friend has feelings for you

Friends split the bill.

If you go out to the movies or grab dinner and he pays, it’s like him waving a gigantic sign in front of your face that says:

“I really like you!”

Now friends definitely do pay for each other once in a while, but they almost always have a specific reason and they’ll usually tell you.

They’ll say “it’s your birthday so dinner is on me,” or “congrats on the promotion, I’ll buy you a drink.”

If your male friend has just offered to pay and simply says something like:

“Don’t worry, the movie’s on me tonight.”

He likes you! Yay!

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10. He’s active on social media

This one should be combined with others on the list. Him having an active social media on it’s own is not a big enough sign.

But if you notice he’s been posting a lot on social media, he *might*n be trying to impress you.

He might be posting some really cool insta-stories simply because he wants you to see them.

He wants to show you how fun and amazing he is and hopes that you’ll want to be a bigger part of his life.

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9. He makes a lot of jokes

According to scientific research, humor is the way to a woman’s heart. When two people laugh a lot together, it’s also a great sign that you will have a great relationship.

If you meet someone who you can laugh with, it might mean your future relationship is going to be fun and filled with good cheer.

The Journal

When a man can make a woman laugh, he knows this will make her swoon.

So he’s going to do anything he can to make you laugh so that you can see how much fun it is to be around him.

Now, if you’ve been friends for a while, you probably already share the same sense of humor.

So how can you know if he’s starting to have feelings for you?

Simple! When he’s trying extra hard to make those funny jokes.

If you can see that he wants you to be belly laughing the entire time you’re together, this is a huge sign that he’s trying to impress you with humor.

You can also see that he likes you if his jokes start to have sexual innuendo.

If he starts pulling out the dirty jokes, it could be that he has one thing on the brain…

Sexy times with you!

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8. He compliments you a lot

Complimenting each other is a very romantic and flirty thing to do.

Most friends already know that they like each other’s presence or think the other is funny.

But it says a lot when he starts actively pointing that out.

He might say something like:

Omg you’re just so funny, you have the best sense of humor

While it’s nice to say that to a friend, friends don’t usually do that.

This kind of compliment is usually reserved for someone that you have a romantic interest in.

This is and even bigger sign if he starts complimenting the way you look.

If he pulls out something like:

I really love the way you look in that outfit.

Ding ding ding!! He really likes you.

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7. He comments on the time you’re spending together

A big sign your male friend has feelings for you is if he comments specifically on the time you’re spending together.

If he says things like:

I just love when we watch these cheesy movies together, it’s so much fun.


Time just flies by when we’re hanging out together.

If he comments on how much fun it is to actually be around you, this is a very big sign that he likes you.

Not only does he think you’re cool, but he also loves the way he feels when he’s with you.

This is a feeling that is felt much stronger with people we have a romantic connection with.

If he’s feeling this way about you, he’s likely falling hard.

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6. He asks about your dating life

This is a big one!

Does he ask you about who you’re seeing? Is he curious to know if you’re single?

If you are seeing someone, does he check in about how things are going often?

If he’s especially curious about how things are going in your dating life, it’s because he wants to know if there’s room for him!

When you have a male friend, the friendship and bond that you share is very special. He probably really likes that unique connection he has with you.

If he’s starting to have feelings for you, he will not want to risk hurting this relationship with you so he’ll need to be 100% sure that you’re single and ready for a relationship before he makes a move.

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5. He doesn’t want to go home

signs your male friend has feelings for you

Remember that thing I said about the cocaine?

Catching feelings for someone feels amazing! It’s really fun! It’s awesome.

So of course he’s going to want to make the moment last longer.

If he has a crush on you, he’s not going to want to go home because he rather hang out and flirt with you!

Here are some examples of him not wanting to go home.

  1. You have plans to go to the movies and after the movie, he asks if you want to go for ice cream
  2. You have tickets to a concert and he wants to make sure you have dinner before the concert and maybe even go for a drink after.
  3. He comes over to help you set up your new computer and he offers to order take-out and watch the first episode of Stranger Things again.

See what I’m getting at? He rather stay and spend more time with you than go home.

Like I said before, people are busy and they don’t usually try to prolong hangouts unless there’s something more going on.

4. He wants to make things more physical

Has he started giving you hugs? Maybe a little brush on the shoulder while making a joke?

Or a little touch of the thigh?

If he’s being a little more touchy feeling than usual, that’s not only a sign that he likes you – that’s full-on flirting!

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3. Reveals more about himself

Have you noticed that your male friend who used to always be jokey and light-hearted is now talking about more serious things?

Maybe he’s telling you about how he’s really stressed out about a big project coming up. Or how he’s struggling to be the new guy at work.

Whatever it is, if you notice him opening up more and revealing himself, this could very well mean that he likes you.

Now, if this is the only sign that he’s showing, then he probably doesn’t like you – he just thinks you’re a great friend and wants to get closer to you.

But…if you notice that he’s being more real with you, and he’s doing some of the other things on this list, then bingo! That’s one of the biggest signs your male friend has feelings for you.

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2. Wants to know your life plans

signs your male friend has feelings for you

Has he started asking you *a lot* about your future?

Maybe he wants to know about your thoughts on marriage or having a family.

Or whether you can see yourself staying in the same city or relocating somewhere else.

If he suddenly has an interest in your future life plans – it’s because he wants to know how he’s going to fit in with those plans!

See, when people meet on Bumble or The League, they don’t need to ask about the future right away because they’re just getting to know each other.

But friends already know that they get along well.

So if he’s going to take the risk and try to move out of the friend zone, he has to make sure that the relationship has a chance.

He’ll want to double-check and make sure that he can agree to your life plans for the long-term.

1. You just think he does

This is the most revealing one!

If you have a gut feeling that says he might like you, it’s probably right on the nose!

That’s because your intuition, part of your feminine energy is a very accurate way to view the world around you.

Your gut can pick up on all the little subtle signs that other people may not be able to see.

You are the one that spends the most time with your male friend. You are the one that is picking up on all the little jokes or comments that he might be making.

This is going to make your feeling of “I think he likes me” incredibly accurate and it’s the one that you should trust the most.

So if you really think he has feelings for you, chances are, you’re probably right!

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I hope you found this article helpful, but it does you no good if you’re not attracting High-Quality.

If you’re a confident and successful woman, you need a confident and successful man.

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I hope you enjoyed this article on signs your male friend has feelings for you.

Remember that just because someone is your friend, doesn’t mean he is a high-quality dating partner. It does you no good to attract men who are not on your level so feel free to check out my guide on How To Attract Higher-Quality Men.

Good luck in life and love.

Love, your favorite dating coach.


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