How To Attract Older Men

how to attract older men
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Age has always been a number, but there is something about older men that can be so attractive!

Many of them are more mature and have established careers and job security.

Not all of them are ready to settle down, but they are more likely to be open about this and tell you what they’re really thinking rather than stringing you along or acting shady.

There’s also nothing sexier than a silver fox or a man who has “aged into his looks”!

If you’re interested in how to attract an older man, read on.

How To Attract Older Men – 11 Foolproof Ways!

11. Know Where To Look

Attracting older men in the current digital era has been made easy, thanks to several specialized dating sites.

The best dating sites to attract older, and even more affluent men are as follows:

If you want to attract an older and wealthier man in a sugar-daddy relationship, then you can try

While dating online is the most effective way to attract an older man, you can also try the old fashioned approach and meet them in person.

You can do this by seeking out the place where older men frequent.

You’ll have to sit back and think about where older men like to spend their time. Here are some examples:

  • Golf or Tennis Clubs
  • Wine Clubs
  • Theatre Plays or Orchestra Performances
  • Business Conferences

Many local bars are also known to have a certain “crowd”.

If you do a little research on bars or lounges in your local area, you can find the places where more affluent and older men like to hangout.

Don’t forget that when you’re looking to attract older men in real life, you’ll need to turn up your feminine energy even more than usual.

If you don’t know how to use your feminine energy for dating, I encourage you to check out my free guide on How To Attract Higher Quality Men.

10. Use Feminine Polarity

The most important “law” in dating is that romantic relationships need polarity.

Polarity just means “opposite” like how magnets have opposite polarity, and so they attract each other.

In romantic relationships, femininity and masculinity attract each other. This can even be seen in same-sex relationships where one partner is usually more “feminine” and the other more “masculine” regardless of their gender.

When you are trying to attract an older man, you’ll need to turn up your feminine energy so that he will be inclined to approach you and keep the conversation going.

If he’s buying you a drink you know you’re doing it right!

You can check out this guide to learn more about feminine energy or click her to learn more about how to flirt.

9. Show Confidence

Confidence is the most attractive quality men or women can have – but it’s not always easy to put yourself out there is it?

Don’t worry, simply being a woman is enough reason to be confident when attracting a man!

Don’t believe me? Just think about it.

As a woman, you have radiant femininity that naturally attracts men. Your feminine body (no matter what it looks like) is enough to kick-start that polarity attraction that I previously mentioned.

You also have a strong “inner feminine being” that has made you so successful in life. In other aspects of your life you are confident, strong, successful, kind, loving and caring – why should any of this change when you’re speaking to a man?

Your confidence is not grounded in the way you look or the clothes you wear, it is an energy that comes from deep within you.

When you understand this, you can easily attract masculine men who are worthy of your time.

Here are few little tricks that can help you bring out your femininity when talking to an older man:

  • -Mantain a good posture. This reminds your own head that you are strong, confident and sexy.
  • -Make eye contact when conversing. This allows you to see the character of the man you’re talking to. If he can’t look you in the eye, he may have something to hide, but you don’t.
  • -Smile, only to remind yourself that dating is fun and you are good at it.

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8. Always Keep Your Cool

One of the biggest ways to turn off an older man is to be petty, play games or be overly dramatic.

None of this shows the maturity that is needed to attract an older man.

This shouldn’t force you into being a different person, but rather a levelheaded person. For instance, you shouldn’t be overly demanding, emotional, or impulsive.

Make sure that your wardrobe choices reflect elegance and class rather than casual or athletic.

This means choosing some nice open-toed flats instead of flip flops or some loose-fitting trousers instead of yoga pants.

Not only do you want to look the part, but you also want to act the part, making sure that you are elegant and classy in the way you behave.

This means having fun without getting sloppy. Have a few glasses of wine but don’t be falling down drunk. Send a cheeky or flirty text, but not after 9pm and never while you’re drunk.

An older man appreciates a younger woman that can be playful and silly, but this doesn’t give you a free card to be sloppy!

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7. Explore Common Interests

Finding common interests is a very effective way to attract older men. Just because there is a significant age gap doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything in common.

Take your time and find out what your partner likes and what you may have in common.

Dating becomes easy if you find out that you share some hobbies and preferences.

You will also find that he may like some of your interests too. However, to attract older men, you should be versed with several things that older men are stereotypically interested in. In my experience, this has been golf, cars, and business!

6. Always Ask for His Opinion

Among the many pros and cons of attracting older men is that they like being asked for opinions and helping out.

Therefore, regardless of the situation, make sure that you involve him. He wants to feel like he’s part of your life.

For instance, you can casually ask him to pick a better-looking color at the store, recommend a drink or appetizer at the bar, and much more. While it might seem silly, older men value women who seek out their guidance.

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5. Make Him Feel Young

An excellent way that women can attract older men is to make the older man feel young again.

As such, don’t make your date feel old either by mentioning it directly or cracking suggestive jokes!

Always be cautious with what you say to attract older men. You should make him feel young by dancing or flirting with him freely. Giving him unconditional romantic attention makes him feel younger.

Similarly, you should completely avoid mentioning your age gap if you want to attract older men.

Similarly, if you like hanging out with your friends, ensure that they follow suit.

Additionally, embrace the challenges of age gaps to attract him into a relationship.

In most cases, the older person has a different taste in music and hobbies. Therefore, to attract him, find a way of connecting with him on your differences. For instance, try listening to his favorite music. You should also expose him to your favorites.

While it may not attract him, ensure that you don’t force him into what he doesn’t like.

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4. Get Ready for Some Baggage

If you want to attract older men and possibly date them, you should be prepared for baggage.

Since the man has been around and explored longer than you have, he’s probably been through some life experiences that still have an impact on his life.

In most cases, you will find the man has kids, already divorced, and other life challenges that can arise.

Therefore, as you may want to attract older men, always be a good listener.

The secret to attracting older men with baggage is to understand and react positively towards it. Keep an open mind and find ways of fitting in his life without much negativity.

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3. Give Your Relationship Some Privacy

Privacy is overly important if you want to attract older men.

You should make a point of knowing him on a personal level before introducing your date to other people.

Even though your family and friends might be eagerly waiting to meet him, introducing him right away might be a turnoff.

As for your friends, they might scare him and act immature if they are your age. Give yourself enough space before bringing other people into your lives.

2.  Get to Know His History

Another tip to attract older men is getting to know his background.

Since the man is older, he definitely grew up in a different period. As such, you can attract him by knowing what he did or how he spent his early life and youthful days.

These conversations attract older men and provide a chance to talk more and share memories.

Free Guide: How To Attract Higher-Quality Men

1. Take Care of Yourself

While most women are attracted to older men for their good career and financial stability to take care of them, this shouldn’t be your sole reason.

Remember you are a strong and independent woman, and you can live a happy and healthy life on your own! Self-care is key.

Even if he can provide for your needs, it shouldn’t appear to provide everything for you. As always, women who can take care of themselves are appealing to every man.

This also helps stop the overthinking and anxiety that can often come with dating.

That said, it becomes seductive if you have a job and a place to live on your own. Besides eliminating the pressure that he has to provide for you, he will know that you are mature to live independently. This will similarly attract him.

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How To Attract A Man That Is High Quality

I hope you found this article helpful. You may have noticed me talk about feminine energy along the way. I strongly believe in the power of feminine energy to attract higher-quality men and to reach inner feminine strength.

Learn more about attracting men with feminine energy in my guide “How To Attract Higher-Quality Men”.


Thanks for checking out my article on “Will He Come Back?” . I wish you all the best in your dating life.

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