Will He Come Back? Signs He’s Not Over You

Will He Come Back?
Lana Otoya

Will he come back? If you’re asking this, it’s probably because you’ve recently parted ways with a man that you still have feelings for.

You’ve been left wondering if he might come back or if he didn’t really mean to break off the relationship.

This is especially true if he said vague things like “I just need space” or “I’m just not ready for a relationship right now.”

This vague reasons for breaking up are confusing and they leave you wondering if he just might come back.

Luckily for you there are ways to tell! Here are some of the best ways to tell if he will come back, and what to do next.

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A Word Of Warning

Alright ladies before we get into the signs to see if he likes you or not, I have to be the bearer of bad news.

What you’re doing here is very risky!!

Right now you are Googling articles to see if a guy who said he wasn’t interested in a relationship with you, is interested in a relationship with you.

Seems a little crazy right? Most of the time, we have to trust that people are telling the truth.

But don’t worry – I am not taking a giant dump on your feelings. In fact, I’ve also been in this situation before.

I had a relationship not work out once, and I thought he might still come back to me even though we had broken up.

I get it – sometimes you just have a hunch, or a hope that things can work – and they very well might!

That’s why I made this list. It’s to minimize your risk of getting hurt if things don’t work out. See, if you can spot a lot of these signs, then you can have a better idea if he’ll want to come back rather than just hoping blindly.

But remember that no matter what, you can’t chase him or force him into a relationship.

We’ll get to more on that later, but for now, I just want you to know that if he’s not doing more than half of this list, you shouldn’t be wasting your time hoping he’ll come back.

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Will He Come Back? 13 Signs He’s Not Over You YET

#13- He Keeps Texting You

This is a big one. If he’s constantly reaching out to you via text, it means that you’re still on his mind.

Now, as I said before, a man must be doing more than half of the things on this list before you can think he wants to get back together.

This is just one of the signs so texting alone doesn’t mean he likes you romantically.

Some other reasons he might still be texting include but are not limited to:

  1. He’s bored
  2. He misses you (but doesn’t want to get back together)
  3. He wants to be friends with benefits

So even though constant texting is a HUGE sign that he might come back, I wouldn’t be doing my job as a dating coach if I said this was the only sign needed to tell.

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#12 – He Wants To Be Friends

Being a dating coach and a matchmaker for years has taught me a lot about men – and one thing keeps coming up year after year…

Men don’t really care that much about staying friends with their ex.

In fact, nobody does.

Sure, you might get the odd exception, but MOST PEOPLE don’t want to be friends with people they’ve broken up with.

If he says he wants to be friends and continues to text you and hangout with you – it’s a very huge sign that he still has feelings for you.

If he was 100% totally over you, he probably wouldn’t want to stay friends.

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#11 – He Still Hangs Out With Your Friends and Family

Similar to #10 above, people don’t usually want to hang out with the inner circle of their exes if they are truly over them.

This is doubly true for men.

Women are more social and chatty so they are more likely to stay connected – but men couldn’t care less.

Once men move on from a woman, they move on from her whole group of personal connections as well.

If he’s staying in contact with your inner circle, it’s a BIG SIGN he still wants to have a foot in the door of your life.

He might very well come back if he’s still doing this for months after you’ve broken up.

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#10 – He Checks In on You

He wants to know what’s going on in your life.

He asks you about your day, about work etc.

This is something men do if they have something else that they want from you.

Even best friends don’t really check in on each other on a regular basis!

I don’t know about you but I don’t text my bestie asking her how her day went. I just text her funny memes and ask when she’s free to go to brunch.

Real friendship is a lot more casual than checking in on the daily.

If he’s doing this to you as well as many of the other points on this list – it’s likely he’s coming back soon!

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#9 – He Comments and Likes Your Social Media

Yes, we all stalk our exes online.

Women do this and men do this so it’s not a sign of anything.

BUT! Most of us do it in secret.

We don’t put it on public display that we’re still keeping tabs on our exes by commenting on or liking posts.

If he’s doing this… It’s because he wants you to know he is.

He wants to subtly give you the hint of “hey, I’m not completely gone yet.”

A man who has no interest in dating you or keeping in touch wouldn’t be actively engaging with your social media so this is a big some that he will come back.

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#8 – His Texts Are Still Flirty

So… this one is more of a fine line.

That’s because if he’s still being really flirty and possibly making sexual jokes, it could just be because he wants to be friends with benefits, not because he’s interested romantically.

So with this one you need to pay attention to other clues as well.

If he’s being really flirty, then he must also be doing other things that show he’s interested in you as a whole person, not just for sex.

Things like:

  1. Asking you about your day and having real conversations via text – not just flirting
  2. Asking you to do wholesome things like going to the movies or a concert, not just inviting you over for Netflix and Chill.
  3. Showing like he’s generally still interested in you and not just your body.

If he’s doing all those things and he throws in a flirty text here and there, that’s a big sign that he still has feelings for you and is just testing to see how you’ll respond.

It’s a big sign he wants to come back.

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#7 – He Talks To You About Other Women

If he tells you about this “hot chick” or “new girl” he’s seeing, it’s likely that he’s just trying to make you jealous.

He’s trying to judge your reaction so he can see if you’re still interested in him.

Now, this is one of the signs on this list that is actually unhealthy. If he’s doing this, then he’s no good.

Seriously, he has an ego and is just trying to manipulate you and play with your emotions.

A good man who genuinely wants to be with you again will not do this. He’ll just leave his dating life out of it or won’t be dating at all.

Also please note that if he tells you that he’s actually dating another woman like she is actually his new girlfriend, then this is NOT a sign that he will come back. It’s the total opposite.

Him actually dating someone new and telling you about it shows that he really has moved on from your relationship together.

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#6 – He Doesn’t Want To Have Sex

When a man continues to talk to his ex, it’s likely he just wants to be friends with benefits.

But, if he’s still talking to you and checking in on you, and shows no signs of wanting sex – this is a sign that he might come back.

It shows that he just enjoys your company and likes hanging out with you.

He doesn’t want to blow his chances of having a real relationship with you in the future by pushing uncommitted sex on you.

You can tell he’s not pushing sex if he doesn’t say any flirty or sexual jokes and doesn’t invite you over to his house for “Netflix and Chill.”

When he rather talk to you about your day than try to get you over to his place, it’s a big sign that he might come back and wants to get back together.

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#5 – He Mentions He’s Lonely

If he was truly 100% over you, he WOULD NOT tell you that he’s lonely.

Saying he’s lonely implies that the two of you should get back together.

If you are lonely as well and you tell him that, then it only makes sense for you to start things up again – doesn’t it?

He knows that’s what this implies so if he’s telling you he’s lonely…he might be testing the waters to see how you feel about getting back together.

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#4- He Surprises You

Maybe he got you a gift, or shows up at your office to take you out for lunch.

Either way, it’s pretty obvious that he’s going out of his way to impress you and get your attention.

If he surprises you in any way, this is a BIG SIGN that he still has feelings for you. Not only that, but he actually wants you to know that he’s putting in the effort.

He wants you to see that he’s going out of his way to impress you.

This is a really big sign that he will come back.

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#3 – He Remembers Things

Did he remember that you have a big presentation at work today?

Or that you’re starting your new pottery class?

If he’s remembering key details about your life – it shows that he’s really taking an interest in you.

Most guys are not this “nice” even to their girlfriends and best friends! They won’t normally go out of their way to wish you good luck on your presentation unless they really have feelings.

If you notice that he remembers all the little details you share with him, it’s a big sign that he will come back and wants to be together again.

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#2 – He Starts Asking You About Men

Does he check in on your dating life? Ask you about the men you’re seeing?

If he’s doing this, it’s very likely that he’ll come back and that he wants to get together again.

If he truly just wanted to be friends (but no men really want this) then he wouldn’t care about your love life that much.

He’s only asking you about this because he wants to see if you’re still available for him!

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#1 – You Can Just Tell

Go with your gut.

All women have their feminine energy and a big part of that energy is feminine intuition. This is that feeling we get that just tells us the truth about what’s going on.

Your feminine “gut feeling” is extremely powerful. If you stop trying to convince yourself of “this” or “that” and just focus on what your gut is telling you – it’s probably right.

If you feel like he likes you and isn’t over you yet, chances are he’ll come back.

If you want to learn more about using feminine energy to attract higher-quality men, click here.

Will He Come Back To Me If I Let Him Go?


That’s the best answer I can give, but a better way to look at this is:

Letting him go is the only way he’ll come back.

This means not chasing him and just letting him take the lead is the only way to try to get him back.

This is the feminine energy way of dating and it is the most powerful tool that us women have to attract men.

See, masculine energy wants to “fill space”. It likes to take a step forward if that’s the only option.

If you keep reaching out and texting him, he’ll only pull back.

When you stop reaching out and texting him first, you create a space that he’ll want to fill by reaching out to you.

There’s no gurantee that letting him go will make him come back, but it’s your only chance at getting him back if that’s what you want.

What Makes A Man Come Back?

Feminine energy. This means that you stop taking the lead and only react to what he’s giving you.

So if he texts you, sure text him back.

If he wants to go to the moves, sure, go to the movies.

But every step of the way, you let him take the lead.

Once you hone in on your feminine energy, it’s a lot easier to do this. You can learn more about how feminine energy attracts men by reading this guide.

Should I Wait Around For Him To Come Back?


As strong feminine women, we only want to be with men who want to be with us.

We want men to prove themselves to us and prove that they are worthy. This means that we carry on our own lives, and live happily and fully.

If a man wants to be part of our lives, he needs to work for it.

If you have an ex that may or may not want to get back together with you, none of that is your problem. You are now a single woman and can do anything you want.

You can go out on dates, see other men, not date at all, focus on your hobbies etc.

If a man sees that you’re able to carry on a happy and successful life without him, he will know that you’re either too good for him, or he’ll want to prove to you that he can be part of your life.

That’s the power of feminine energy.

You Matter More Than He Does

Now that you’ve spent a good five minutes worrying about “Will he come back…” just take a deep breathe and let it go.

The power of femininity is that we can find inner peace within ourselves.

We don’t need external people or pleasures to find peace (that’s masculine energy) and it’s why men and masculine women are so goal-oriented.

If you are a masculine woman (always striving for success and reaching for your goals) then you’re missing out on the calmness and inner peace that comes with your feminine side.

When you start to focus on this side of yourself, you stop overthinking, stop stressing out over nothing and find inner peace. The bonus of all this is that it is also really attractive for high-quality men.

Remember that this is your life and you matter more than he does!

So take a deep breath, focus on yourself and just let things be. It will be much easier to cope with men and dating this way, I promise.

How To Attract A Man That Is High Quality

I hope you found this article helpful. You may have noticed me talk about feminine energy along the way. I strongly believe in the power of feminine energy to attract higher-quality men and to reach inner feminine strength.

Learn more about attracting men with feminine energy in my guide “How To Attract Higher-Quality Men”.


Thanks for checking out my article on “Will He Come Back?” . I wish you all the best in your dating life.

Love your favorite dating coach,


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